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Types of Travelers in India and Abroad

Different sorts of people constitute various kinds of travelers around the world. No matter the religion or language of the wanderers, the basic nature of everyone can be split into a few categories. Let us take a lighthearted look at the most common groups of travelers:

Taj Mahal

A complete budget freaks

The budget freak travelers do not part with a single extra penny from their pocket, no matter how exciting an opportunity seems. They do not buy any additional food or drinks, prefer to cook on their own or get the food from the buffet breakfast in the hotel.

The party beasts

When you meet party animals while traveling, you will always find them talking about parties from the past, present, or future. They just love sitting at the bar counter and dance throughout the night, but that does not mean they splurge a lot. They might be people who are always in search of scapegoats who will sponsor their drinks.

The Party Beast

The planners

They like to plan each and every minute of their itinerary of travel and do not leave anything pre-planned. Things often go unplanned while traveling, but they lose their mind when such instances happen.

The techie travelers

The modern technological experts know the gadgets they should buy to ease their travel. They go uneasy if one of their devices seizes up or goes missing. People often take advice from the techie travelers to know the latest gizmo they should buy.

I-know-it-all travelers

They like to research everything about their journey from A to Z. They read a lot about the historical monuments, culture, language, and politics of a place and like to ask detailed questions from the guides and locals.

The spontaneous and flexible travelers

They do not want to plan much and are good to go with any plan that others make. They have no interest in knowing the exact details of an itinerary. They might be lazy, but are not fussy; they basically enjoy everything that comes their way.

Train Station Painting

The avid photographers

They love to click a picture, or a dozen pictures, of every moment or thing they find interesting. They like to carry expensive cameras, adjust the light and posture, and use every feature of their Smartphone or camera to get that perfect click.

The complainers

These travelers complain about everything, not because any fault exists, but because they have a habit to find an error in every possible thing. They would often approach the manager or someone like that to escalate the matter.

The fitness freaks

They like to get up early to maintain their fitness even while traveling and prefer to pick up hotels to stay where they get a swimming pool and a gym. They eat healthy at all times, and are fussy with meals until they get free wine to gulp down!


Vulnerable travelers

The helpless travelers often find themselves stuck in a situation where they cannot complain about legit matters. People may exploit them, but they never complain. Usually, some helpful chap takes over their decisions to protect them.

The talkative travelers

They love to discuss or tell about one thing or the other at all times. You will find them talking to someone at all times, which becomes a pain for people at times.

Talkative Traveller

The soul-searchers

These travelers are found lost in their own world as they claim to look for something that gives meaning to their lives. People every so often find them annoying.

The light-baggage travelers

They can pack their entire world in just one backpack to travel to any place. They will habitually borrow something from you, often politely or even without asking. They are basically minimalistic people.

The repetitive travelers

They never get bored of any destination and visit there a dozen times to call it another home. They feel proud to announce that they know the place inside out and why you should take advice from them before visiting their second home.

The souvenir lovers

Many travelers love buying a lot of souvenirs from each place they visit; they love the reminiscences of their last-visited destinations. They do not like partying much but do love shopping around a lot. You can always find them in markets. They often reach the weight limit for their baggage and sometimes cross it as well on their homeward journey.

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