How to Go for a Road Trip during Monsoon

An adventurous road trip during the rainy season is a dream come true if you choose the right destination and are prepared well for it. Even though it is not easy to manage everything during monsoon, every effort is still worth putting in when you conclude your vacation successfully.  Monsoon is one among the most unpredictable seasons of the year, so you need to pay a little more attention to the road trip checklist. You would want to go to a new destination during monsoons for your love of rains and pleasant sights, but you must be ready to face whatever comes your way.

Pack things smartly

The thumb rule of packing luggage for monsoon travel is that you need to make everything waterproof. Prepare your stuff in such a way that your essential items never get wet if it rains out of a sudden. An umbrella or a raincoat is not enough; you must carry waterproof rainy boots if you don’t want to miss on trekking. Silica gel for your electronic gadgets, mosquito repellants, and cotton clothes are a few things you must never forget carrying in your bag.

Travel Bag Packing

Your clothes must be dark in color. If you are comfortable to wear knee-length pair of shorts or pants, you will find them more comfortable during rains because long garments become too sluggish to wear once they are wet. A first-aid kit is essential for any adventurous road trip, so you cannot ignore it during rains. Carry a few waterproof bags, a hair dryer, plastic containers, power bank, and a torch with batteries.

Car service

Driving a car during rains is much trickier than doing so in any other weather. The car slips on the drizzly roads too, and the brakes sometimes fail to work. You need to drive very carefully when it is raining. Additionally, get your car serviced well before in time so that it does not develop any unfortunate fault or gets stuck in stagnant water. The roads in India are not very reliable, so it is better to keep your car well maintained.

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Moreover, keep a couple of emergency numbers written on a piece of paper so that you can rely on them in case your phone goes off.

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Keep yourself updated and expect delays

Selecting a destination is a crucial decision during monsoons, and you must inquire about the current and upcoming weather of that place. Be prepared for traffic jams, flight delays, and train delays when you are on a trip. Therefore, it is better to have a couple of extra days in your itinerary so that you do not miss important things on your vacation even if it rains for a long time. Just be calm and do not fret over petty issues when your plans do not work, and you have to alter them.

Food and drinks

Rainy season is the worst time to eat street food as mosquitoes and parasites often transmit infections, which may contaminate anything. Although you cannot carry food for the entire stint of your trip from home, you must be careful about choosing the restaurant to have food. Moreover, people become less immune to diseases during monsoons, so it is better to be extra cautious. Keep some food and snacks in the car at all times to deal with emergency situations in case you are stuck somewhere.

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Although people do not prefer traveling during rains, many places in India gain more charm in the course of monsoon. Do not drive to the hills when it rains heavily, instead pick plains and explore the natural and human-made marvels. Most importantly, do not get scared to get drenched. Whenever your clothes are dripping water, just enjoy the moment at hand and dry yourself as soon as possible. Follow the tips written above to make the most of your monsoon road trip. You will never forget the time spent in this natural wonder. Such adventurous road trips will surely make for some amazing memories and give you the opportunity to let go of the stress of day to day life. If you wish to rent a car and drive by yourself, you can easily do so through the MyChoize self-drive car rental services for a well serviced ride at your disposal.