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How India Offers Different Experiences for Travelers In 2018

India has long been the eco-center of heritage tourism. People look up to the country for its native elements like yoga, Ayurveda, nature walks, etc. However, tourism evolves every year as an industry, which gives travelers additional reasons to come to India and spend as much time here as possible. In 2018, if you are planning to visit anywhere in India, you need to know about more things you can do here.


Ecotourism and Voluntourism 

The world has already heard a lot about Ecotourism and Voluntourism, but India has proved itself to be one of the pioneers and a champion of these trends. Dozens of operators have come up to set up a new industry in states like Karnataka and Orissa that invites volunteers who can do various jobs to benefit the society. The government is also boosting Ecotourism and Voluntourism by instituting accommodation alternatives in the national parks and natural habitats of India.


More options for road trips

The road-trippers and bikers in India have discovered oodles of unknown destinations for road trips. The conventional routes of Delhi-Ladakh, Mumbai-Goa, and a few more have become too crowded for seasoned travelers, so they keep exploring offbeat destinations to satisfy their inner wanderer. The new travelers and tourists now have the options of going to places where not many people go, yet they remain some of the most scenic spots of India. In addition to the local highways, international routes like India-Myanmar-Thailand, Dhola-Sadya Bridge, and Ganga Expressway are some of the new thrilling options for the road trippers.


More options to travel

The trains, buses, and local transport were always there in India. The foreign tourists come to the metropolitans, and then head off to other parts of the country. No one likes to remain stuck in the maddening traffic for hours and waste their time. To escape the cold in winters and heat in summers, the metro trains in the major metropolitans are a great way to travel from point A to point B in no time. Additionally, if you are fond of road trips but cannot have a car, you can hire Self-Drive Cars in India, which are also available in the major cities. You can drive off with the car anywhere you want, and then return it to the set location. Moreover, you have the monorail in Mumbai to have a unique experience of short-distance traveling.

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The Mumbai-Goa ferry

The Mumbai-Goa ferry in finally expected to be operational in Mumbai in 2018, which makes the locals, as well as, the travelers excited. The ferry used to be an admired mode of transport in the 60s and 70s, but the government had discontinued it because of increasing air and road connectivity between Mumbai and Goa. Nevertheless, owing to the public demand, the Indian government has renewed the ferry service, which will take almost sixteen hours for an overnight journey. The AC ferry is also expected to be introduced, but nevertheless, it is the most thrilling thing to do in Mumbai this year.



The best part about visiting India is that the people of India are, by nature, welcoming and affectionate. The colorful, fun-loving, and vibrant people of the country are happy to meet the tourists in their city or hamlet. Unlike the previous generations, you will find the Indians well-informed about the global culture. They bestow a great combination of international, traditional, and ethnic culture. If you are a foreigner in India, you will love the out-and-out high-spirited people of India. 2018 is the best time when you should plan your vacation in India, just not to spend time, but to have some of the best memories of your life.