How to Plan a Trip: Tips to Plan a Perfect Itinerary

The Fear Of Missing Out or FOMO as they call is so real, especially when you are planning a trip abroad. No matter the duration of your vacation, you may want to cover every place mentioned in the travel blogs so that you do not miss out anything because you know, you may never visit that place ever again in your life!

How to Plan a Trip? Hasn’t it happened to you?

You may have traveled to Bali on your honeymoon and thought that you would surely want to visit Indonesia again, or maybe settle there. However, the truth of the matter is that you have no clue when you will go there again, or not go at all even if you have a chance.

In the era of internet, life suddenly seems too short to travel to all your dream destinations. Every place on your bucket list seems too far and expensive, or sometimes the opposite of it. We live in a world where we feel continuously oscillating between having a relaxed vacation and a fun-filled, active vacation. Sometimes, we plan such a tightly packed itinerary that we find ourselves exhausted from the vacation rather than feeling relaxed.

Isn’t it true?

You need to know the tips to plan a great itinerary for your holidays so that you don’t need a vacation ‘from a previous vacation’.

Find out your destination

If you are a travel freak person, you would always find yourself looking for the next destination to visit. Look for travel blogs, Instagram pictures, and Facebook posts to decide where you want to go next. Create a mood board to decide what all you want to do on your vacation to avoid getting confused.

Book the tickets

Don’t plan too much about the time of the year and your meetings in the office to book your tickets. Just think about the best season in your destination, and book the tickets whenever you find them reasonable. If you have your tickets booked already, you would plan your other things accordingly.

Find the locals to talk

You don’t need someone’s guidance to plan your itinerary according to what Google and travel blogs say, but nothing can undermine the importance of asking a local person about the best places to visit. They might tell you about how you can dress like them, eat at the best places away from the touristy restaurants, and shop from the cheap markets.

Decide your interests

According to your area of interest, you may want to go for a rusty countryside weekend or a fun-filled weekend in the heart of a metropolitan. Find out the budget required to suit your needs, use Google Maps to look for the distance between two or more destinations, and write down your itinerary in view of that.

Even if you think that you plan a perfect itinerary, you must have an unplanned day. Renting a self drive car would be the best pick for such unplanned rides. Leave a few hours every day to do nothing at all; this is the time when you will truly relax like you are on a vacation. A holiday is about relaxing for some time, seeing places for some time, indulging yourself in the local colors, and finding a balance between everything.