6 Best Things to Do in Jabalpur on a Family Vacation

When you visit a new place with family, the trip can become backbreaking as well as thrilling the same time. Jabalpur is one such place in the state of Madhya Pradesh where you can have a fantastic trip with your kids and kinfolks. You will be amazed to explore the abundance of natural and manmade wonders in and around the city.

Dumna nature reserve

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Dumna nature reserve is not within the periphery of the city as it is situated close to the airport, though it is an excellent place for a family vacation. The site houses a vast array of flora and fauna. You can introduce yourself and your kids to species of animals like porcupine, wild boar, jackal, spotted deer, and leopard. A large number of migratory birds are also present in the nature reserve. When the kids feel dull, you can take them to the children’s park where boating service and toy trains are there to entertain them.

Rani Durgavati Museum

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If you want to have a quick introduction to the history of Madhya Pradesh, you can go to the Rani Durgawati Museum. The place preserves various crucial possessions of the legendary rulers of the past. You can see the sights of the rich cultural legacy here in the museum, which can be called an educational site for kids. It comprises a series of ancient treasures, letters belonging to Mahatma Gandhi, and an assortment of sculptures. The Rani Durgawati Museum also accommodates a gallery that shows the Adivasi culture.Exploring the history of M.P can be made enjoyable and fun by booking self drive cars online.

Balancing Rock

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Just like the Krishna’s Butterball is famous in Mahabalipuram for never sliding away from its place, there is another tourist attraction in Jabalpur that mesmerizes its visitors. The balancing rock is a huge boulder that balances itself on another rock on just a few inches of the surface. The fantastic balance of the stones is worth watching, which did not budge even after an earthquake of 6.5 magnitude. These two rocks are believed to be a single piece of boulder only. This place falls on your way to Madan Mahal Fort, so you don’t need to make extraordinary efforts to reach here.

Madan Mahal Fort

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The Madan Mahal Fort or Quila is located almost 12 kilometers from the main city of Jabalpur. You can come here after a quick road trip of half an hour to witness the grandeur of 11th-century stronghold. The architectural glory of the fort teleports you to the historical times where you can imagine the activities of the mahal. The Fort would serve, in the past, as a watchtower to safeguard the people from the attackers and keep a watch over the city.

Hanumantal Jain Mandir

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The grand statue of Adinath Bhagwan is the main attraction of the Bara Mandir or Hanumantal Jain Mandir. The idol is carved out of pitch black stone. Among the serenity and peace of this temple, the Jain followers come to pray to this statue, which they regard as the Swambhu statue. The temple, which looks like a white palace, offers an enticing atmosphere along the lakeside. The temple is also known for the 22 shrines in its complex.

Chausat Yogini Temple

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The Chausat Yogini Temple is a 10th-century structure that sits on top of a mount in Bhedaghat, which is at a distance of 250 kilometers from Jabalpur. Although the distance is quite much, you must visit this temple, which needs a hike of 108 steps to reach the hilltop. The shape of the temple is built circular that displays the historical architecture of those times. You can also explore various images inside the temple that belong to the kingdoms of Gupta, Kalachuri, and Kushana.