Smart Tips to help you choose the best self–driven cars on rent

Self Driven Car

We all love holidays and especially after the long stay in the house during the pandemic. Now that the disease is less effective and the number of cases is reducing in major cities. We all are back in leading our normal life. Most of you must be planning a short weekend getaway inside the city to resume back on work. A lot of people who still have work-from-home culture can plan for a long road vacation.

Traveling after such a long time is itself a thrilling experience and especially you are planning a road trip. Earlier road trips were usually planned by the people who have their car. But now the time has changed and we have a lot of options in our way one of which is self-driven cars or car rental service

What are car rental services?

Car rental service is an easy and convenient way of transport in today’s era where a company rent their automobiles for a shorter period say, for a month on the pre-decided fee. You can select your duration and the make model of the car and the same is delivered to you at your doorstep. Once the duration is over the individual can return or extend the duration period of the rented vehicle.

If you are planning for a small trip business or pleasure and decide to opt for self-driven cars on rent, then you must find out some smart tips to help you to choose the best self–drive car. You can rent the same from the MyChoize car website or app for a minimal charge which is the deposit amount rent fee and a few documents such as driving license and address proof and voila! The car will be dropped at your doorstep or your selected destination.

Here’s what you need to be checked before you book a self–driven car.


You need to clear your requirement by selecting your rent duration this can be for some hours, a day, or a month. The company shall levy the price of the car as per your requirement. If you are looking for a long-term plan, then you must also learn about the monthly subscription charges that are offered by the company. One of the factors that influence the price of your car is whether you want it with or without a fuel plan. The best way to decide which one to go for is to know the distance you want to cover. For example, if you want to cover a shorter distance and the journey is for a day then you have a with fuel car will be preferable and in case you are planning long-distance travel for few days then without fuel will be best

Type of Car

This can be a bit tricky as a lot of us would love to travel in the luxurious car or the latest sports car to enjoy the experience. But, here’s the catch, you must select the car type basis on your requirement. Consider the length of your journey along with the number of people and the comfort. For instance, if you are planning a road trip with your friends with minimal luggage then you can opt for a simple hatchback car that offers you a comfortable space, great mileage. Whereas if you are planning a small trip within the city then you can plan for an automatic car to keep u in pace at the time of congestion.

Other Charges

Stay were clear in learning the rule and regulations of the company that rents you your desired car for your journey. A lot of companies may ask you security deposit amount basis on the car type and duration selected. This security deposit is usually returned to you at the time of returning the car to the company but if there’s any damage or any penalty charges by the company during the rented period then the same will be deducted by the company from the deposit amount. For instance, a lot of many companies levy fines on over-speeding the amount goes on increasing the number of times you repeat the same mistake. Many companies these days track the same with smart technologies in place. Hence, if you are wondering who will be watching your stunt of rash driving then you must wake up as it’s a new technology era. So, make sure you follow all the legal speeds to save your extra cost.

Be Online

Since a lot of companies, these days have the network for emergencies and is just a call away. Make sure your destination falls under full network coverage so that you can connect with your car rental company’s network quickly in case of any emergency such as a car down or an accident. The offline location would unnecessarily make you pay extra for these things.

Check parts and tools

If you are a first-timer who is planning to rent a car, then you better check on a few things by yourself before renting. However, the rental companies make sure they provide you with the best they have but you must make a check on things for a safer side. To start with, you can take a look at the spare parts such as Stephany, jack, tool kit, etc., take a small drive to understand the engine and car breaks condition.

Things to remember before you select the best self-drive car rental

-Understand the rules and regulations of the company and follow them during your trip

-Understand the distance of your journey so that you select the car which is comfortable yet budget-friendly

– Though the vehicles have all India permits you will have to pay the taxes and tolls that are applicable while you cross the borders of the states.

– Do not drink and drive as this will risk your finance and life. You may also be penalized by law for the same.

– Drive safe and don’t cross the speed limit. Though you got the car at a very economical price, the passengers with you are very precious.

Happy Driving!