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Why Should Women Travel Solo

If you are a female contemplating to travel solo, the only challenge is to take the decision; the remaining things that follow are easy to resolve. Sometimes, it becomes important to force yourself to come out of the box and chase your reveries. Else, you can keep thinking throughout your life and never do anything about the things you want in life. Solo traveller is one thing, and solo female traveller is another, particularly in India where women are expected to follow men. Just one solo tour can transform your existence forever, and you will find yourself even more empowered than ever before. Let us discuss why it is essential for the females to go for a solo trip at least once in their lifetime. Let us break the notions about this form of wandering around on your own rather than being with friends or family on every trip.

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Building up your confidence

The single toughest decision about solo traveller is to book your tickets. Once the tickets are booked, you have no choice but to follow your dreams. When you accomplish this task of committing yourself to the journey, it gives a unique sense of empowerment. It becomes easier afterward to pack your bags, create a perfect itinerary, and arrange for other things. Although you may feel the burden of putting everything together, you will feel the pleasure thereafter when you know that you did perform well.

The freedom feels delightful

On your solo trip, you might not do anything extraordinary, but whatever you do comes with a different sense of freedom. You can choose to eat a sandwich or a pizza, spend your day partying around or just read  a book by the riverside, wear a fashionable attire or your worst pajamas; you can do all these things based on your will rather than discussing it with someone. It may sound crazy, but it is important once in a while to feel like that because of the liberation it gives to your heart. This sense of pure freedom is meant to be embraced rather than being ridiculed.


Managing the difficulties

We may never know much about ourselves throughout our lives if we do not allow ourselves to take a chance. When you are touring around on your own, you might face a lot of big and small troubles. You might not find anyone to ask for help or suggestions, so you have to deal with all the obstacles on your own. These are the moments when you learn the most about yourself, understand your potential, desires, and capabilities.

Easy to meet new people

No matter you are a man or a woman, people become more receptive and welcoming when they know that you are traveling alone. No, it does not mean that they want to take advantage of your situation, but people are generally more open to talk to people traveling alone rather than groups. When you are there with a bunch of people, you tend to be inclined towards them to talk just because of your social obligations. However, you do not have to entertain someone because of any responsibility, and you can talk to anyone you find interesting, and move on when you want to. Moreover, the locals in any tourist destination become warmer in their conduct when they know that you are on solo tour; they do not want you to feel lonely in their city. Such experiences enrich your voyage and rebuild your trust in people.


Learning about your inventiveness

It is not uncommon to fall into trouble when you are on solo trip. While being with the loved ones gives the confidence to resolve issues quickly, it does not let you know much about your quick wit. When you are on your own, you have to think of smart solutions to problems. The most remarkable experiences in life are accidental or unexpected at all times. These things teach you to get into the swing, move with the flow, and make the most of your time.

Life is the other name of compromise, both voluntary and involuntary. However, the unwanted adjustments often make you feel terrible.  When you travel with people, you have to settle upon a lot of unasked for things, but there is no such compulsion in solo travel. You can make compromises based on your choices, not those of others, which means no regrets in the end. Solo travel for some females may be something that comes just once in a lifetime. Rather than feeling apologetic about it in the later phase of life, you should go for it. Just do it!


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