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Tips for Women to be Safe While Traveling

When you are traveling to a new country, about which you hardly know anything, your first concern is safety.  Whether you are in India, the USA, or any other country, it is the right of every female to be safe. Unfortunately, you have to be cautious about yourself because no one else can help you better than you. You can take the best measures possible to prevent any mishap when you are traveling so that you do not regret that you stepped out into the unsafe zone anywhere in the world. Just remember one thing that even if there are goons all around the world, a majority of good folks is also there, who can come to help on just one call. Travel safe while utilizing these tips to make the most of your vacation.

Use Google Maps

Mychoize Maps

You can do yourself a great favor by using Google Maps whenever you have to use last mile transport like a cab, an auto-rickshaw, or a tuk-tuk. If you know that you will be entering a possibly unsafe area, you must insist on the driver to follow the directions that you give via your mobile application. If you are driving a car, you can use inbuilt GPS in the vehicle and follow its directions. However, at some places, the internet might not work because of network issues. At such times, you can take help from peddlers and shop owners; make sure that you ask the directions from a couple of persons to get a clearer answer.

A keypad phone


The old school phones with keypads come to rescue when the battery of your Smartphone dies. You can keep an additional keypad cellphone when you are on the hills, beaches, or any secluded place. The mobile network based applications often stop working when you travel to far off places. At such places, you will find salvage in such little and cheap mobiles only. When you buy the tiny device, make sure to keep at least 2-3 people on speed dial. Keypad phones have better network receptivity, which makes sure that you will be able to reach someone immediately.

Self-defense equipment

Self Defense

Not everyone can be an expert at Karate techniques, but you can make clever use of a few things for your defense in case of an emergency. Many things can be used in crisis such as razor blades, safety pins, hair pins, and Swiss army knives. You can also use the miniatures of screw drivers, hammers, and knives. Since these things are small in size, the attacker cannot easily snatch it from you even if they come too close to you. If you are not carrying anything sharp in your bag, you can fix the house keys or car keys in the middle of your fingers and dig them hard into the attacker’s body. Do carry a pen or a pencil to prick the attacker. If nothing, look around and throw a stone or anything else at your assailant.

Draw attention

Screaming out loud is a great option to attract the attention of passer-bys when you sense danger around you. In case people are far from you, you can use an air horn, which you can easily blow with your hands. Keep blowing the horn until your enemy is forced to run away.

Stash some cash


Bag snatching happens at less crowded places, which may make you lose your cash, cellphone, or other important things. Keep some cash hidden in your clothes or socks and keep that little keypad mobile in your pocket because no one likes to risk stealing a cheap mobile as the risk is too high.

While traveling, it is better to avoid dangerous places alone for women. Stay in safe zones and be alert to have yourself harmless at all times. No matter where you go, research well about the place and take precautions