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Things about Five Star Hotels That You Never Knew

The tourism industry is always fired up with new trends, be it anywhere in the world. The five-star hotels have their trade secrets, which they might utilize for their personal benefits, but do not share it with the general customers. However, if you are bright enough, you can take advantage of these hidden facts. Just be prepared to ask for what you want as soon as you reach the reception of a hotel, and be mindful of your words.

Do not ask for information about other guests

You might have seen many movies in which people bribe the attendant at the Reception of a hotel to ask for information about other guests. However, it is a stupid attempt to catechize data about someone you wish to meet or know, which in many cases is a celebrity or someone you want to teach a lesson. Do not try to risk someone’s job for your personal goals; the hotel staff may have to pay a considerable price for this felony. Moreover, it is essential to know that people often register at the hotels with fake IDs when they do not want to be identified by any means.

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Morning hours are not a good time to book a room

Suppose you booked a room at 8 am in the morning, but you could not show up at the hotel at the time of checking in. The hotel staff would wait for you for a couple of hours, call you up to confirm, and if you are not willing to show, they will let out the room to someone else. However, if the hotel is not able to reach you, they might give out the room to someone else, but at a much higher price than usual. Now, this is the case with everyone else; you will find the rooms more expensive during daytime than evening. The no-shows and cancellations are the reasons for cheap bookings at the hotels in the evening.

The hotel will not upgrade your room openly

The hotel does entertain a few reasons to upgrade your room when they are cannot provide you the facilities they committed. However, they are not willing to do it if you ask for an upgrade in front of other guests. You need to be discreet about it if you want to request a favor from the hotel staff because they cannot entertain such appeals from a lot of guests at a time.


Ask for a corner room

The motels are mostly located individually without any building on their either side, which means they have more corner rooms than the regular hotels. If the motel is not ready to upgrade your room, you must ask them to allot you a corner room, which always has more space than a standard room. Moreover, you do not have to pay any additional cost for a corner room; it comes at the same price as a standard one.

Know the procedure to use the locker in your room

Just like you cannot trust the airlines for the safekeeping of your locked luggage, you cannot do it either with the hotel staff who has complete access to your room. The housekeeping staff is infamous for tampering with the lockers in the rooms, so it is better not to keep your extremely precious belongings in the locker. Nevertheless, if you have to store your jewelry and other stuff in the safe, you must ask the hotel staff for a receipt for an extra guarantee that the housekeeping will not tamper with your stuff.

People often do not know some things about the hotels, because of which they have to pay an extra price in cash and kinds. However, with these little tips, you can save yourself from unnecessary hassle at the least.