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How to Save Money on Luxury Hotels

Even the cheapest hotels in town pay commission if the bookings done through third-party websites, and of course, it is not a hidden fact at all. If you open any site to book a room, they will charge you money for their services. However, being a customer, it is all in your rights to look for ways to save money, as much as you can. Moreover, when the expenses increase every year, you need to negotiate for every possible thing to cut down the costs and save your sanity for better things in life. Anyway, let us just read about a few methods that you can use to work out insane savings on your hotel reservations.

Visit during off-season

This is an insanely common, yet untouched idea to save money. In India, we have dozens of tourist destinations where you will find thousands of tourists during the peak season. In addition to bearing the excessive crowd during the crowning season, you have to pay more than double the price for every product and service. Similarly, the hotel rooms also charge you an exaggerate tariff for their rooms. You can avoid paying so much just by traveling to any place during the off-season, which may save you more than two-thirds of the cost.

Make bookings for mid of the week

Just like the peak season, the weekends are the worst time to go anywhere; you will have to compromise for mediocre, yet overpriced services. If you do not want to travel during the off-season, you can at least plan your journey during weekdays. Mid of the week is generally inexpensive for most services at tourist places. The hotels that serve business travelers do not cut down their prices, but the regular hotels do. And so, try to pitch for the latter.

Find out promo codes

The promo codes and coupon codes are quite freely available online these days over several booking aggregator websites. You can try to find a few codes before you start making your booking, and use them to save money. You can search for codes that are meant for certain booking websites only rather than finding random discount coupons. If you are not able to discover such codes, you must follow the famous brands of hotels on Twitter and Facebook. You will undoubtedly come across the offers that they promote online. As a last resort, you can also chat or talk to the customer care department of any booking website or hotel, and ask for coupon codes that are provided only to loyal customers! You can certainly crack a jackpot! The travel companies are often generous to please a potential client who makes so much effort to be associated with them.

Think out of the box

Reflect on your way of traveling, the number of people in the group, and the time you plan to spend in the hotel. Many such things may change your plan to book the hotel rooms; you may weigh your options to look around for house rentals, hostels, or bed-n-breakfast homestays. Such options are sometimes way cheaper than the hotel rooms and are no less convenient.

Take a package

Research around if you can find a bundle for hotel rooms and flight tickets, and check if the package is cheaper than the individual costs. Some websites also offer an additional discount if you make several bookings for accommodations and travel at the same time without taking a package. Do not fall for services that you are sure you will not utilize; they will increase your unnecessary expenses.

In a nutshell, you can find several ways to save money on your hotel bookings, even with the most luxurious hotels all around the world. You just need to keep your mind open and explore the options; your efforts will surely pay back soon.