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Why I Decided to Explore Solo Travel in India

After I had heard so much encouraging things and, of course, a few off-putting facts about solo travel, it became difficult for me to resist the temptation of travelling solo this year. I wanted to take the risk anyhow and know it on my own how it feels like to be on the hills all alone without any distractions. It was indeed an overwhelming idea, not because I was scare of traveling alone, but because I was used to going to places with my besties only. Anyway, I somehow mustered the courage to make the bookings, and then I was left with no choice but to pack the bags and leave the house.

A complete room in the hotel is just delightful

So here I was at a hotel in Bir Billing located among the magnificent hills of Himachal Pradesh. It is a small town in the state, and it felt just splendid to be there. In addition to the beauty of the city, I felt just too good in the hotel room without any roommate. No doubt I had to pay for the entire room, but I was not there to save money. I had gone on a solo trip to pamper myself. Moreover, I always wanted to be in the room minus the interruption of a messy or loud partner. It feels good to be with someone most of the times, but it is another level of awesome to have the room all to yourself. I got a lot of time in the hotel at night to reflect on life, relax in the Jacuzzi bath, and leave the room whenever I wanted.


The delight of delicacies

When I eat with someone, whether or not I want it, I have to entertain the person. I feel obliged to talk to my travel buddy and share my food! I am not a person who would not like to do all this; I do love sharing my food and talking to people. However, I am also a person who would like to have a break from social obligations and moral pressures to keep someone amused. Moreover, when I have something absolutely delectable in the plate, I do like to gulp it down all on my own without feeling the commitment to share it. Trust me, the feeling of tasting every bite of your appetizing food is too good to explain. Nevertheless, I went back to the same hotel again with a travel buddy and let her have the taste of amazing things I had tried earlier. (Without any complain to share food this time!)

The vast arena of opportunities

Exploring a new place till the time I wanted it was the best thing I found about solo travel. I went to a tea factory, for example, and I wanted to spend a good number of hours there talking to the workers and learning the new processes. However, I can bet on it that had I been with someone else; I would have to leave the factory just after taking a cursory look at the place. When I was traveling alone around the place, I realized that I was more approachable and people felt more comfortable to incorporate me into their talks.


The discovery of new inner traits

When I used to be in my comfort zone with my friends around the country, I would hardly try to cross that zone. Being alone gave me a different height of confidence, and I felt much more self-assured to say yes to things I would otherwise let go. I felt more encouraged to try new things and be more impulsive than I ever used to be. With that being said, I experienced some of the most astounding things in life just by being more open to opportunities. I have discovered that I can be more capable and brave than I thought I was. Discover more by renting a car going out in the wilderness.

The time to think

Apart from sitting in the hotel room at night with a glass of wine, it felt even more satisfying to be with my own self on the hilltop at Bir Billing. I, not even once, regretted that I came alone to this breathtaking place. It gave me the time to think about myself, my friends, family, and every other person around me in the city. I utilized the time to set goals and give thoughts to self-improvement. I felt surprised to see that the fear of loneliness, which I had before I had begun the trip, vanished in just one day. I spent the remaining three days at peace with myself and my surroundings recollecting the memories, I made during my travel.

Traveling solo in India may feel daunting at times, especially for female travellers. However, I tried to do the best homework possible and went ahead to go to a safe town in Himachal Pradesh. I cannot complain that the place was dreadful. Yes, I had to be vigilant, and I made sure that I kept someone posted about my whereabouts, but the feeling of being all by myself made me more poised than I ever was.