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9 Creative Ways To Preserve Travel Memories

Preserve Travel Memories

“Travelling- It leaves you speechless, then turns you to a storyteller” – Ibn Battuta

Travel memories are one of the sweetest investments that you do throughout your lifetime. While the experience may be short-living but, reminiscing the same while you look back at the old pictures can bring a lot of fun and smile on your face. In this article, we have brought some creative ways that will help you to keep your travel memories alive.

Maintain a travel journal

One of the oldest ways to cherish your travel memory is to maintain a travel journal. Be it a long solo trip or a getaway trip with your buddies.  You can create your own memory by expressing it in a sentence or two. If you are creative enough, you can also doodle yourself in situations and make it more fun. You can also use stickers or instant pictures if doodling is a struggle for you.

Write a blog

One of the great ways to preserve your travel memory is to write a blog. It’s a great way to organise arrange all your travelling memories and pen it down.  You can write all your experience and can share some insightful details about your travel location with all.

Create a wanderlust wall

If you are someone who loves to travel and keep all your memories in one place, then this idea is for you. You can print pictures be it any size and frame it on the wall of your hall or your room.  This will create a different vibe in your room and keep your travel spirit up.

Social media posts and videos

This one is for the entire social media butterfly who is also a travel enthusiast. Grab your camera and capture all the beautiful awesome moments while you travel and post it on your wall. Don’t forget to create a special hashtag for your posts.

Get your favourite moment painted

If you are not a person who wants to put your hand in a mess of gluing and pasting collage then this one’s for you. Getting your favourite travel memory painted will not only keep revving your travel memory but will also woe the friends and family who pays you a visit.

Send Postcard to friends and family

This one never gets outdated. Sending postcards to friends and family is one of the oldest ways to convey a strong message to them that, ‘they were missed’.  You can also mail yourself a postcard while on vacation so that when you are back to home, you can relive your travel memories.

Make travel videos

Creating small video clips is also a trending way to preserve travel memories. It gives you a real experience whenever you are watching it.  The fun, the smile, the atmosphere captured in that video will be with you for a lifetime.

Collect memories on the spot

This one will surely take you back to the memory lane. All you have to do is collect some memories while you travel. For instance, if you are travelling to a beach and you find some shells and create your own DIY bracelet or necklace. This will be a lifetime memory for you.

Collect unique souvenir

We all love to collect souvenirs and put them on display to give to our friends and family. It can be anything that is either one of its kind, speciality or popularity of that location for example if you are travelling to Rajasthan then you must buy those miniature puppets keychains with a magnet.

Travelling itself is a great therapy that rejuvenates your mind and soul. Having a good memory will always encourage you to embark on your next vacation. If you are planning for a road trip then you must go for online car booking. This will not only help you to save your money but will also keep you at a bay from the mess of travelling in public transport. You can check great car rental deals on and book your pocket friendly car.

So what are you waiting for? Plan your vacation and create a new chapter of your travel memory.


Happy Vacations!