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Tips to Have the Best Road Trip in Rajasthan

Even a dozen words from the dictionary cannot explain the feelings that arise on a road trip. Nonetheless, going on a road trip in India is different from doing so abroad, which obviously does not mean it is not interesting. India, being a diverse country, gives surprises to anyone born in the country, forget the travelers coming to the country, who cannot help but feel amazed at every step. This country can never stop surprising you, even if you do not leave your city for your entire life. People in India are so fascinating that they can say just anything to put anyone in disbelief for a moment.


Talking about the road trip around Rajasthan, you need extra preparation for it because the region can show the extremes of heat and humidity for many months in a year. However, monsoon and winter are the best seasons to visit the state and experience the brilliance of beautifully constructed palaces and forts all around Rajasthan. Even a month long trip is not sufficient to visit every place in the region, but you can definitely create an extensive itinerary to make the most of your road trip.

Pack the essentials

Travel Essentials

Prior planning is necessary to take a road trip from a place like Jaipur or any other city in Rajasthan as the region requires added preparations because of the severe climate. Do not forget to take a couple of bottles of sunscreen lotion, an umbrella, lots of water bottles, a few fruits, and light-weight cotton clothes. You can also carry wet wipes, a torch, compass, a hat, a large scarf, and toilet roll.

Enjoy the experience

If you are not too averse to the heat of Indian cities, you can surely enjoy the road trip in India. Rajasthan may make you sweat a lot depending on your tolerance for heat, but you can enjoy it more without AC! Yes, you read it right. The reason being that when you use too much of AC in the car, you may fall sick because of the extreme heat outside the car and the cold environment inside the car. You may have to pull over the car at several places, which means you will have to switch between two extreme temperatures. If you can manage to travel in the car without AC, it will be better for you. However, if you think that going around in a heated car is going to be too much for you, make sure that you do not bring down the temperature too much. You will actually feel better shuffling in and out of the car.

Avoid dehydration


It is easy to lose water from the body in the deserts, and you may not even know it at most times. You need to be extra vigilant about your health in hot regions as you may experience a tight stomach at most times and you may not feel like eating anything throughout the day. Drink a lot of water and notice the color of your urine, which becomes itchy and dark yellowish if you are dehydrated. Do not rely on your thirst, just make it a habit of drinking plenty of water when it is too hot. Moreover, it is also important to drink water in swallows from a glass rather than a bottle. Consume water slowly if you cannot gulp it down; this will make the liquid reach the vital organs and make you feel better.

Consume additional salt

If you are visiting Rajasthan during hot weather, you will need to take extra care of your diet as well. While sweating, the body loses potassium and sodium, which may lower the water retention capacity of your body. In addition to consuming more water, you should also consume more salt and potassium-rich foods like dried nuts and bananas.

While you are making your road trip plans to Rajasthan, you can rent a car from MyChoize to make the trip as smooth as possible. The best self-drive car rental service in India and you can enjoy the car rental service for as long as you want at affordable rates. Going on a road trip in Rajasthan can be a great experience provided you take proper precautions and go there prepared. Just take care of your health in the desert and the cities of Rajasthan to make the most of your vacation, and you will return home with your phone memory full of delightful photos.