How to handle cultural shocks while traveling

The best things in life are experienced when we step out of our comfort zone and expect the unexpected. While growing up, it is easy to settle into a particular routine and make life a little monotonous. Traveling is one thing that can set things right for the mind just by pulling people out of their cozy life. India is such a diverse country that you do not need to travel abroad to observe cultural differences, which often come as a shock to many of us. Nevertheless, going out of the country is always more shocking than traveling around the motherland. Sometimes, the fear of being among unknown people is the only thing that stops people from going to a foreign country. They are too scared to witness new things that might send a blow to their perceptions, especially when they are traveling from a conservative region to an advanced one.

What is the best way to describe cultural shocks? Is it about the way people behave, wear clothes, talk, or eat? Yes, it is, but it is much more than that. When you are at a new place away from your friends and family, your entire personality is challenged by the new environment around you. You experience new smells, sights, language, and products. All of these things might devastate or enliven you. If you take the changes around you in a positive stride, you can learn a lot of stuff and develop yourself as a global citizen.


What does not kill you makes you stronger

You might have heard the quote mentioned above many times in your life, and it stands true for almost every challenging experience. Foreign norms always challenge you to adapt as quickly as possible, or feel left out throughout the journey. It is never easy to transform your habits and nature in just a few hours, but once you accept the challenge, the results are always captivating.

The self-belief

People often doubt their capabilities while trying new things or meeting new people. The only fear that stops us from experimenting is the fear of failure. After you accept that it is fine to make mistakes while communicating in a new language, for example, you will not take it to your heart if someone mocks at you for fumbling or stammering. Moreover, it gives a great confidence boost to make mistakes and then rectify them. It lets you chase your dreams, fight, fail, and succeed without blaming anyone for not making any efforts.

Listen to the intuition


When you are at a place where you cannot understand every word of the other peoples’ conversation, you are forced to trust your gut feeling for many things. You might feel lonely, and the unfamiliarity of stuff may scratch your skin too hard at times. However, such are the times when you have to follow your intuition and go where you want to go without following the tourist guide. And such are the times when you will find yourself looking for solutions to your problems rather than cribbing for them.

Accept the way of living 

If we keep living in a closed environment in our hometown throughout our life, we might develop a dislike or plain hatred for other cultures, languages, and foods. Travel teaches us to experiment with new foods, admire a different way of living, and learn something totally different from our culture. Rather than feeling the contempt for new things, we learn to develop a new perspective for other cultures around the world and embrace the change.

New opportunities

While talking to new people, going to various places, and witnessing various events, you might find new opportunities for your career or personal life in a foreign land. However, it is important to keep an open mind while traveling and have faith in yourself so that you can think about things positively with a good frame of mind. You never know, just one vacation may change your perspective on life forever.


Making memories

You can make the best memories of your life when you are least expecting it. Being in a foreign land may be a daunting experience, but you can make great memories that will be with you forever, wherever you go. Whether you went to a place with your friends, colleagues, family, or even solo, you will not forget the incredible memories that you made. Traveling is all about memories, isn’t it?

Keeping a positive frame of mind is the only important thing while dealing with cultural shocks. It is crucial not to judge anyone for their clothing, eating habits, or way of talking. People have a particular way of living in all corners of the world, which is not right or wrong, it is just different. When you learn the way to embrace the differences, you get the actual essence of travel.