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Why You Should Visit Surat on Your Next Sojourn to Gujrat

India is a whole planet in itself, and you can realize it sooner than you think if you keep your eyes open with almost every city accommodating more than millions of people. The youth of here is known to be highly energetic and the kids of today possess a brilliant mind that can put any world leader to shame. If you wish to see the parade of human development and expertise of different values affecting the same, you should come and see the cities of the nation in particular, One such famous city is Surat in Gujrat, which is known for producing the maximum textile in India. The city is the most substantial center of manmade textile in the country and attracts aspiring business persons from all regions of India to flourish in the industry.

Surat, the port city of the state of Gujrat, is situated on the embankments of River Tapti. Along with textiles, the business of diamonds is a gleaming business here. It is also known as the Diamond Capital of the world owing to the 92% share of the diamond cutting business of the world. The vast expanse of the textile industry in Surat has earned it the name of Manchester of the East.  It is one among the most steadfast metropolises of India. For tourists, there are many best places to visit in Surat, some of which is mentioned below:

Tithal beach- One of the famous places in surat


The Tithal beach is located at quite a distance from the city, but it takes only an hour or two of a drive to reach there. The place is definitely worth a trip if history is of any interest to you. Valsad is known for Chikoo and Mangor farms, and the pristine and stunning beach at the place is the most famous beach among the many beaches of Gujrat. The best way to shun tiredness at the Tithal beach is to recline on the golden sand and admire the natural beauty, which is fortunately still untouched by urban encroachments. You can also visit the serene Swaminarayan temple and Sai Baba temple located on the beach itself. If you want to go to see more beaches, you can go to the neighboring Ubharat and Hajira beaches as well.

ISKCON temple


Just as you step in the premises of ISKCON temple, you can sense of the intense and divine existence of Lord Krishna. The location of the temple on the banks of River Tapti gives a deific air to the temple and creates an ideal ambiance to pray to God. You do not have to be a Hindu devotee to feel the divineness around you. When you are at ISKCON, you just need to relax your mind, and you can connect with God.

Surat Castle


The Surat castle is a prominent heritage site, which served the purpose of a defensive fortification in the 16th century. Khudawand Khan had built this monument to safeguard Surat against invasion by the Portuguese. The corners of the Castle are occupied by the large round shaped towers, and the other constructions also show the architectural brilliance of those times. Molten lead and iron strips were used to build this incredible structure. The Surat Castle place is one of the most prominent landmarks of the city.

Dutch Gardens


The Dutch Gardens is a great place to discover the European relics and have a pleasant cultural experience. The historical significance of this well-planned enclosure is due to the ancient mausoleums, grand galleries, and massive domes. Located close to the Kataragama Gate, you can find the Dutch Cemetry. The site is the resting place for dignitaries like Baron Adrian Van Reede who passed away in 1691. The Anglican Church is also a great place to mark your visit, where you can find the ten-foot-high lit up Cross.

Surat is indeed a great city to spend an entire week of holiday for Indians as well as foreigners. You certainly don’t want to miss visiting any of these enchanting destinations. So, don’t delay. Just book your safe and sanitized self-drive car rental and get set to explore. You can stay here in the bustling Indian metropolitan and indulge in all kinds of activities that soothe your soul.