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Spend a Great Weekend at Palani Hills in Tamil Nadu

The Southern part of India is replete with natural wonders, so much so that you can stay in just one state for an entire year and still wonder what new place you should visit every month in the neighborhood. Sustainable travel and eco-tourism are the thrilling arenas in an otherwise imitative tourism industry. When you are out for ecological tourism, you can experience things that are entirely different from usual on your journey as it is the best tourist destinations in tamil Nadu. You can comfortably leave behind the hackneyed hotel rooms, dirty and crowded tourist spots, and debatable foods. Travelers, when they go for a conventional vacation, need another vacation to recover from the ordeal. Karuna Farms in Palani Hills offer a relaxed time in the lap of nature where you do not need to traumatize yourself with the upsetting milieu.

Mountain Trip

Karuna Farm, situated on the hillside in Prakasapuram, is a community that offers cottages for singles, couples, and groups. The travelers seeking to unwind from their hectic lifestyle have the perfect setting of different shades of green peppered with flamboyant flowers. The cottages that resemble petite hobbits are ideal places to set your feet in when you do not want much from life, at least for a few days.


The only price you have to pay here is that you cannot consume alcohol or organize loud parties. If you are a non-vegetarian, you might feel disappointed as only vegetarian, but the delectable food is served here. What do you get if you leave your urban pleasures? You have the plethora of peace in hand. The zigzagging trails take you to the rocks and boulders overlooking a gorgeous valley; the mountain ways lead you to the peaks enveloped by pine forests, the icy breeze of the woods, the fragrance of clear air of the hills, waterfalls, and brooks! Do you feel like wanting something more? Here you get it!


You can attend the yoga classes in the morning, and have free dinner at night. The seating area outside the cottages is a great place to spend time. The site also provides you a kitchenette where you can cook whatever you feel like. The tranquil view along with the coziness of your cottage will leave you speechless. Though you can choose any cottage according to your budget, you can cherry pick a cottage even for a great view from your bathroom! The solar panels installed in the cabins make sure to supply environment-friendly electricity for energy efficient LEDs.


The comfortable way to reach Karuna Farm is by road. You can take your car, or jeep for a magical ride. Leaving from Kodaikanal, you will reach the no-so-well-built lanes lined with countless eucalyptus trees. The complete view signals a sense of peace despite the bouncy roads. When you reach the farm, you need to use the rubber-tire stairs to land at the Prashanti Restaurant. This is the place that lets you meet the staff who cooks for you as well as take care of the guest house. You will find the people gracious and welcoming; they serve healthy and fresh food in ample portions. While you wait for your food, you can enjoy the marvelous view of the waterfall along with the resonant chirping of the birds.


You can also visit the plantations of coffee and fruits at the farm, and buy coffee powder and delicious jams from the restaurant. Wax and organic honey is also a key attraction for the people who are already tired of the adulterated food supplies of the cities. The Earthship is a major attraction at the Karuna Farm which is intended to produce sustainable food, water, and electricity. While you will not receive much mobile network at the place, you will be more at peace if you switch off your cell phone. Do the old-school activities alone or with your friends, meet the locals, enjoy the bonfire, go for a walk, and just forget about the time on your clock until you have to leave from Palani Hills at least. And when heading to all these locations, get a self-drive car rental from MyChoize for an unstoppable journey.