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Why People Are Passionate About Travel

Whether it is India or abroad, it is not difficult to find people who are love travel more than anything. Even though the population of ardent vacationers in India is quite less than that of those living in more developed countries, the number is still big enough to motivate those living around them. The non-travelers often have a question to ask- why do people travel? What is there in wandering around places, which people cannot find in their homes? The answer is simple, yet complicated.

Many travelers, before they become full-time travelers, think that travel for leisure is not easy. They would think that it is difficult to be out of the town for days or weeks without going bankrupt. However, it is better to realize that visiting new places and meeting new people is better than squandering the time on virtual friendships online or watching Big Boss every night. Before their eyesight begins to fail them or they die of cancer someday, the travelers find it better to gain the real experience of their valuable lives.

Travel helps people unwind after long months of work, relax on a beach, and figure out the direction of their lives. They find a solution to their relationship issues only by getting out of their house. As Mark Twain once quoted that you can quickly figure out whether you love someone or despise them just by vacationing with them. Travel helps people shed their reservations and shyness, and bring a change in their otherwise dull existence.

Travel makes travelers gain patience wisdom, perspective, appreciation, and relationships. When you go to new place, you have to deal with a lot of unexpected things. You need to deal with different kinds of people, try foods you may or may not want to eat, adapt to new cultures- all these things teach patience.

Living at home lets publics have a lot of luxuries that they may take for granted. At home, they may never value water, electricity, food, and clothes. However, when they have to pay the price on the road for the necessities of life, they start valuing things more than ever. They realize the things that they always neglected in the city are actually luxuries for more than half a population across the globe.

Being on their own forces them to take decisions without any help from people they always trusted, which gives wisdom and experience. There can be more than one ways to solve one problem. Being on the go lets one see things from other’s perspectives and how they deal with the same issues as that of theirs. They may gain the view that some problems are no issues at all; they are big concerns only in mind.

One common thing that travel lets them experience is deconditioning. While watching people with different mannerisms of eating, clothing, speaking, lazing, commuting, they tend to appreciate various forms of leading lives. They tend to distance themselves from the stubborn ways of religion, food habits, clothing, desires, and needs that you were always habitual of. The realization that everything you saw since your childhood is not absolute and unquestionable; it may be just a perspective of their society that may alter with geography.

Travelers are often less stubborn than regular folks who have never seen anything outside their city. They are, in other words, the proverbial frog in the well. Although any rare wanderer would demean others, the fact is that one needs to learn the ways to unlearn so that they can vacate some space in their mind and heart to accommodate new things. Only a traveler can define the true meaning of travel, or maybe even he or she cannot do so because the definition and goals of travel differ for each person. One needs to experience an occurrence on one’s own to find out the meaning or implications of it in life soon. So why wait, pack you bag and explore some new places with your loved ones, book self-drive car for an unstoppable journey.