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Why You Must Go For a Winter Trek this Season

A summer trek is something almost everyone dreams of taking, and most people around you must have done it already, including you. On the other hand, it requires a mountain of guts to even think about winter trek, which is a mammoth task for most people. You need to take a lot of care to undertake the snow trek, which may prove dangerous otherwise.

As the winter arrives and your friends start thinking about getting cozy in the blankets every night, you can celebrate your Christmas and New Year more gloriously by going the tougher way. Get out of the coziness of your home this winter and explore the adventure and goodness in harsh mountains covered in snow. Unlike Delhi, Mumbai, and other urban cities, you will not find an excess crowd of people around you on the hills, and you will get much more time to relax and admire the natural wonders around you.



For beginners, it is essential to know that a snow trek may prove much more challenging than you think. You need to keep in mind that the winter air is rough and harsh, and it does not spare any living being who is not prepared to face it. You should dress up well, prepare your mind for the challenges you are going to meet, and have the attitude of a warrior as you begin your trek. However, stress is not all that you are going to get on the Himalayas if you are well-prepared. You can enjoy a lot with your friends and come home victorious. Here are just a few reasons why you should challenge yourself to go to the Himalayas this winter.

No crowd at all

Summer is the most common season when people want to beat the heat and hence, rush to the hills. The treks are not an exception as well; hardly a few people would dare to trek in an ice-cold weather. The summer treks are still crowded, but the places like Leh witness even more crowd than its local population. The tourists outnumber the locals by a ratio of 10:1 during summer, but the places become absolutely serene and calm during cold weather. The landscape also takes a new shape, and the Himalayas truly become the home of snow.


Flora and fauna

If you go to higher elevations on the hills during summer, you will find a lot of greenery and a few patches of snow at the max. On the other hand, the winters let you see a lot of snow all around you with just a bit of foliage in patches, which is an experience in itself. The fauna you see during winter will never be visible during hot seasons. Various animals and birds enjoy cold weather more than the heat, and as they come out, you can witness their beauty.

Frozen lakes

You may have to go to very high altitude to witness the frozen lakes, but it is all worth it once you reach there. Even if you have just one person with you, it feels lovely to experience the magnificent sight in front of you. The Ladakh Trek and the Chadar Trek are some places where you can find frozen waterfalls and enjoy climbing on them. While you climb the waterfalls, you can explore unimaginable places.


Undertaking a winter trek may not be an easy task, but it is definitely an achievable feat. Dare yourself to shed your comfort zone to do something that makes you feel proud of yourself. Everything that scares you must make you feel like a winner when you defeat your qualms. Every challenge that you face makes you tough, no matter you win or lose. It is just your efforts and your determination that matters in the end. If you want to start your journey and explore these places, MyChoize car rental services are a great option, giving you unmatched value for money and complete flexibility. When you return home, you will be a totally changed person forever ready to face everything no matter what.