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How to Be a Traveler Not a Tourist in India and Abroad

A world of difference exists between being a traveler and a tourist, and being the former is a preferred choice for most people. In the world of Instagram filters and Facebook posts, it is easy to make your cruise vacation look like a survivor’s story of enduring in the sea, but the tourism begins when the travel dies. The social media may not let you see the reality of peoples’ way of vacationing, but you can always find out ways to explore a place at its best rather than just browsing through it.



While traveling to a new city, the idea of travel pushes you to step out of your comfort zone and fall free. You need to be brave enough to break free without worrying about your course of action when you miss your train, or you have to go without reservations for the hotel, airplane, and every event of the day. While traveling, you can talk to anyone who crosses your way rather than looking for a familiar looking face who knows your language. Walk around only with the stuff that you can take on your back. Step into the everyday life of the locals, get yourself comfortable with them, eat the homemade food, meet their relatives, even wear their clothes, and accompany them to the hidden gems of their hamlet or city. Rather than collecting souvenirs from the shops, hoard new experiences and unbelievable stories.

The travelers would always want to avoid the places where there are millions of people already present with the cell phones, clicking random Selfies and their faces twisted to look like a duck. They would rather go to a hamlet where they cannot get any Wi-Fi, and they are happy sitting in the woods on a makeshift bench.



With the social media flooding with photographs of friends and family all over the world, it feels like we have seen the world as a whole already. We do not even feel the need to visit some of the clichéd places where the crowd goes. Yet, some people do not feel the need to explore the reality of a place, and they are content with seeing the stereotypical sites. They would not talk to anyone around them unless they need to ask for directions.

The natural wonders like waterfalls are converted into a tourist attraction, and the vacationers have to pay the price for seeing such things that the traveler would see free of cost. The tourists experience the local norms from the point where they lose value for the locals. The dance forms of Rajasthan, Gujrat, and Punjab, for example sometimes take up the style of modern tango, losing their authentic form. The presentation of such dance forms in front of guests and tourists on cheesy songs from around the world hardly let the artists preserve their culture.

The journey of becoming a traveler from a tourist


Every traveler around the worlds begins the journey of getting back to the roots by being a tourist only. It is only when the tourism starts boring people to death that want an escape from the standard vacationing. While buying the ticket to a museum or a concert, people realize that they might be wasting their time. After ruining a dozen of their vacations at clichéd vacation spots, they do realize that this form of traveling is not for them. They have to live life as any average person in the new village would do. They want to know the luxuries and difficulties of the life of the residents of the place. Even if the meetings with the inhabitants are brief, they want to live that moment of being human rather than being a person from some other religion, nation, or identity. The vacation package can never let you explore the genuine things that would gratify your heart. Travel is all about opening up the mind to everything and accepting people as they are. So best traveler always goes for the safest mode of transport. While heading to different locations, hire a self-drive car rental from MyChoize for an unstoppable journey.