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What to Expect on When You Visit India for the First Time

When you come to India on your maiden visit, a lot goes on in your mind. You may be curious, scared, or excited about everything that is going to come your way. A mélange of various emotions may make you go crazy as you go about your journey in this vibrant country. Let us try and summarize what’s there in the store for you when you come to India for the first time.

The colors

For anyone who comes to India from a western country, the first thing that strikes your sight is the colors all around the nation. Just as you exit the airport, you will see people dressed in colorful dressed, despite their age and religion. The signboards in front of the shops are adorned in colorful fonts and pictures. Even vehicles like rickshaws, trucks, and auto-rickshaws have several elements of beautification. All these things give a unique color to the entire country.

The North and South India

You might have heard it a zillion times that India is a land of diversity, and it is the spot-on moment you witness when you notice that South India is actually very different from North India. Even West India and North-East India also have stark differences in their culture, food, and clothing. While in North India, you will find busy streets, noisy traffic, and larger than life malls in the metropolitans. You have to go up to the Himalayas to find peace. On the other hand, if you are in South India, your eyes will feel the instant bliss as soon as you enter states like Kerala. The lush plantations, tropical backwaters, and palm trees are exactly what you will notice even before you enter your hotel.

The royalty like feeling

If you choose luxury hotels for your stay, expect to be treated like the Royals. The staff of every hotel in India is trained to be highly hospitable towards the guests and never let them feel that they are in an unwelcome country. Even if you choose to live at a modest hotel or a decent hostel, you will find hospitable people in most places, barring a few exceptions of course. Indians, in general, are polite by nature, especially towards tourists. Even if you talk to an uneducated fellow, you will not find any rudeness in their conduct. The educated ones may not initiate communication with you, but they are more than willing to help if you ask for it.

The Indian food

Although you may find Indian food in many Indian restaurants in your country, the same foods taste starkly different in India. You may discover chicken malai tikka in England as well, but the authentic taste of it is only available in Delhi, Chandigarh, or Punjab. And no restaurant in the western world can make Rasam as good as a famed restaurant in South India. To taste the authentic Indian food, you need to be in India. Do not skip any day of your week to sample new local cuisines.

Shopping for souvenirs

Although it is tempting to buy dozens of souvenirs from every place you visit, don’t be fooled by the touts who are expert in over-charging for little articles. You should bring an extra suitcase to store everything you buy because there is an overwhelming range of things that you will want to take home.

Overall, India is a safe country to travel, disregarding international news. Nevertheless, never take your safety for granted, just as you would do in any other country.

You certainly don’t want to miss visiting any of the enchanting destinations in India. So, don’t delay. Just book your safe and sanitized self-drive car rental and get set to explore.