How to Plan an Unforgettable Honeymoon

Oh, the planning for your honeymoon! Is it any less stressful than planning for the wedding itself? No way! The groundwork for a honeymoon is as demanding as preparing for the wedding. Yes, you may hire travel agents who will do all the hard work for you, but aren’t they known for packing too many things in one trip for you to enjoy? Moreover, they also charge too much, claim too good services to believe, and end up being tricksters. No one likes to go through the ordeal of haggling with a travel agent, especially in the era of the internet when every sort of information is available online. The only downside is that people often stress themselves too much while arranging things for their honeymoon. And rather than making this first post-marriage vacation unforgettable, they make it nerve-wracking.

Don’t forget the aim of honeymoon

The trend of honeymoon began in the first place to let the couple relax and bond with each other. It is not an online contest to brag about the destination you visit. No one is going to award you for the best-organized trip of the year when you come back. So just talk to your partner about the kind of vacation that suits your needs. You may want to sit by the beach and unwind for a couple of days and then indulge in partying in the beach festivities. If your partner wants to enjoy adventure sports, pay heed to it. Include everything that suits you both and arrange things that befit your budget and desires.

Make a budget

Yes, your friends may tag you for being a miser when you put a price tag on your honeymoon, but you would hate yourself for ending up in massive debt if you spend too much on a honeymoon. People often take loans for a grand Indian wedding affair, which is already not-too-wise, but that is a debate for some other day. Nevertheless, calculate the amount of money you have in your bank account and the amount you would like to spend. Do not use your credit cards too much, or rather do not even carry them, except one for the emergency. A honeymoon is undoubtedly once in a lifetime experience, but it is wise to be realistic as well.

Be shameless with family and close friends

The Indian families are too conservative at times to talk about the expenses of your honeymoon. Daughters in Indian society often get wedding gifts in the form of furniture, gold, and expensive clothes. The son in the family also gets many expensive things from his household and that of his wife. If you are tight on money, it is better to ask your family not to spend on materialistic things that you can buy later. You can instead ask them to sponsor your honeymoon, wholly or partly. You can place a similar request with your friends as well. Ask them to buy a few experiences rather than wedding gifts like vases, dinner set, and showpieces.

Enjoy every bit of time

Honeymoon comes only once after marriage, even though you may call other vacations as your second or third honeymoon as well. While making bookings, writing reviews, or tagging your suitcase, you can shout out loud and mention everywhere that you are there on your honeymoon. You will be pleasantly surprised by the gestures of people who may make great efforts to make your vacation special. The hoteliers silently surprise honeymoon couples by gifting them things like free upgrades, a complimentary cake or champagne, discount on dinner, free Self-Drive Car coupon for the evening, and a rose-petal bath.

Your first post-wedding honeymoon has to be special, but you don’t have to fit yourself into the brackets. Forget the popular destinations if it does not suit your fancies, but where every other couple seems to go. Choose a country or city where you and your partner can make unforgettable memories. These trips will surely make for some amazing memories and allow you to spend quality time with your loved ones. If you wish to rent a car and drive by yourself, you can easily do so through the MyChoize car rental services for a well-serviced ride at your disposal.