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Remember the Flipside of Camping in India

Is there anything more fascinating than waking up on a glorious morning in the hills of Himalayas? Any trekker can bet on it that camping in the woods is the best part of trekking in India. For those who are new to sleep outdoors in India, there are several things that they need to keep in mind, especially the ones that are not written on the Internet. Even though you would want to absorb every microsecond of the sunlight glimmering through the green leaves, you would certainly not want to mess with your safety. You should also keep in mind the myths that people spread so that you can stay away from such things and focus on enjoying your vacation.

Things to be careful about

Just like camping is a wonderful experience, it may turn out terrible if things are not on your side of the luck. Weather may become really bad, and you may end up shivering all night because you could not get warm. The padding under you may be too thin to protect your back from pebbles and roots. You may feel too scared to sleep because of the likely presence of wild animals outside. Such nights are an absolute nightmare! You would never want to spend any such night in a tent. Therefore, it is better to be careful and make camping one of your best experiences, not the worst.

Don’t save on equipment

If you happen to buy cheap camping equipment because you thought that the expensive one was not worth it, you may regret your decision when you are not able to sleep on that flimsy mat or when the fragile camp flies away in a mild storm. All the money you saved while buying those things will seem trivial when you realize that your comfort and security is more important than money. Buy the best things that your pocket allows without listening to anyone who says that backpackers should save all the money for travel plans. Consider the expensive equipment as an investment that you may do by skipping on one vacation.

Prepare for adverse weather

Unless you are going for winter camping in snow-clad mountains, you would not have thought that weather may become too harmful for you to bear. You must, without fail, prepare for the rains and extreme cold weather, even though the weather forecasts tell that there will be no rain this weekend. Such predictions often go wrong, and you may end up getting drenched in extreme storms. Pack a few clothes in a dry bag in your backpack and a few warm clothes as well. Sleeping in wet clothes is not only inconvenient while camping, but downright dangerous. Never do that!

Avoid horror stories and movies

You can, many times, blame it on your nerves that you had a sleepless night in the camp just because you watched a horror movie a few hours ago, or a friend told you about his encounter with the ghost on his last camping expedition. Someone or the other will always be there on every trip who will tell you about their ghostly and other-worldly encounters. It is good to be warned about wild animals, but it is better to stay away from horror stories. Never watch a movie that shows a ghoul or an apparition, even if you are confident that it will not interfere with your sleep. Imagination is a powerful thing, which such movies and tales trigger. Woods are definitely lonely and scary, but didn’t you know that before coming for camping? Yes, you did. Why not just enjoy then?
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