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What makes MyChoize the Right Travel Partner for Critical Times

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MyChoize Self Drive Cars is a brand owned by ORIX, Japan’s second largest rental company for self-driving cars. MyChoize is dedicated to providing Indian users with the best Japanese service and technology in the world at Indian rates.

One of those aspects of life that allows you to choose between different options is traveling. However, when it comes to everyday commuting, you usually get used to your favorite options and do not consider making any changes. For example, previously, those of you who do not own a personal vehicle used public transport or hired a cab comfortably. Things aren’t as plain as before, though. Given that the practice of social distancing in the battle against COVID-19 will continue to be a vital preventive measure, you must find and select a secure means of transport that can provide you with personal mobility without long term liabilities or EMIs that comes along with purchase of a car. Social distance, proper precautionary methods and continuous diligence are the new normalcy, where questions such as ‘How to travel?’ And with whom to travel? ” They have become big concerns. When it comes to choosing the best path to proceed in the midst of the pandemic, you must be in a dilemma. Car subscription is the only obvious choice in current times and benefits of the same are listed below:

1. Helps you make protection your priority No.1:

MyChoize delivers sanitized cars at your doorstep with all safety checks and precautions so with our self-drive car rental service, you can protect yourself against the increased vulnerability of exposing yourself to sick people and polluted surfaces that can be found in public transportation.

2. Comfort along with Protection Review:

We thoroughly sanitize our vehicles and provide you the same when you book our Mychoize self-drive car rental services. In this way, you will get a much better experience and convenience than the cabs as you don’t have to take 22 different cabs on 22 working days. This does not just reduces your wait time everyday but also increases your protection significantly.

3. Book directly with cheapest fares:

No Peak pricing, surge fares. This means you will enjoy the care and service of your elite status. MyChoize offers exclusivity and hassle-free rides that are designed for those looking for convenience and ease in their travel. All this comes at lowest rentals in the market and there is no concept of peak pricing and surge fares

4. Personal safety

We are working to help all those who need solutions for personal mobility, now that personal safety has become the most important aspect of travel. We offer flexible subscriptions from weekly to monthly/annual subscriptions, depending on the needs of the commuters. Occasionally, if you just need a vehicle for short journeys, just before taking the ride, you can reserve an online car. Mychoize gives you the perfect way to shield yourself from these crowded areas. With the privacy and freedom of owning your own car, make every moment count.

5. Privacy

Privacy of personal car is unmatched whether you are commuting to office or are going on a road trip and this is offered by MyChoize car subscription without any increased long term liability