5 Best Places in Mumbai to Celebrate Gudi Padwa Festival

Gudi Padwa also called the ‘Chaitra Shukla Pratipada’ is one of the most important festivals celebrated with great joy and bliss in Maharashtra’s state. It marks the beginning of the traditional new year in the state according to the lunisolar calendar. Gudi Padwa is celebrated by the Marathi and Konkani Hindus with a lot of zest and harmony to not only mark the beginning of the traditional new year but also the onset of the spring season. The prime attraction of this festival is the Gudhi flag which is adorned using flowers, neem leaves, mangoes, upside down copper or silver vessel. The celebration of Gudi Padwa fills the air with happiness, fun and entertainment; it is certainly the best time to visit the state of Maharashtra.

This auspicious occasion is just around the corner and every proud Maharashtrian is likely occupied in preparing to celebrate it in the best way possible and the tourists are booking time from their schedules to visit the state and become a part of this great event. Whether you are local or a tourist, finding a good place to celebrate Gudi padwa can be quite confusing. While the locals might try to find new places to celebrate, the tourist might just be trying to figure out anything best they can do. Well, you don’t have to scratch your heads about this anymore. If you are looking for the best places to visit in Mumbai for the celebration of Gudi Padwa, then here is a list of the top 5 best places for you to choose from.

1-  Ganesh Mandir in Dombivali

The Ganesh Mandir based in Dombivali organises an annual procession, popularly known as the Shoba Yatra, on the first day of the traditional new year to celebrate the festival grandly and gloriously.

2- Girgaon

The girgaon Gudi padwa rally welcomes the new year in a unique yet perfect Mumbai style in which all women participate and ride motorcycles. The most special feature of the rally is the costume of women who wear traditional Maharashtrian wear while riding the motorbikes in the rally.

3- Khawa, Royal Tulip

What is better than food on a cheerful and light-hearted event like Gudi Padwa? Enjoy the traditional Maharashtrian cuisine with your friends at family at the Navi Mumbai’s finest – Khawa, in the Royal Tulip.

4- Diva Maharshtracha, Mahim

Authentic cuisine is the hallmark of good Gudi padwa celebrations. There is no better place to experience the true essence of traditional Marathi food than the Diva Maharshtracha. Whether you are new to the Maharashtrian style food or an old lover of it, one thing’s for sure – you will never regret making this choice.

5- Mumbai Chowpatty

The Mumbai Chowpatty is a very well known tourist attraction in Mumbai. It is not only good to relax your mind and savour your taste buds with local snacks, but also the best place to be during Gudi Padwa.

This Gudi Padwa, take yourself along with your loved ones on an exciting tour by booking a self-drive car from one of the best car rentals in Mumbai and explore the places of fun and joy.