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Want to Get Away from WFH Routine? Consider Car Subscription

car subscription

The unending pandemic has changed our daily lives, and we can safely assume that many of these changes will outlast the pandemic. One of these is “work from home” or “remote work”. With many companies considering adopting the remote work setup permanently, people will live and work in the same space, and hardly get any opportunities to meet or collaborate in person with co-workers. With this increasing social distance, vacations will become even more critical to taking breaks and rejuvenating.

But public transport, be it airplanes or trains, is still risky. Limited services mean travel booking is unreliable and sometimes prohibitively expensive. Road trips help circumvent these challenges, and long-term car subscription is an accessible and affordable solution. With long-term car subscriptions, you can enjoy all the perks of a vehicle without actually owning one. You can lease cars for as long as you need, be it a couple of months, or a couple of years. You can plan trips on your schedule with the privacy and security of a personal vehicle, along with limited liability coverage. Duration of car subscription can be decided basis your plans, for example for a few it can be a two month long road trip and for others it can be multiple small road trips spread over a year or two. What’s more, you need not worry about the impossible airline baggage limits and take what you desire to your travel destination for no extra fee!

With a long-term car subscription, not only can you take frequent vacations that are affordable, you won’t be burdened with a hefty car loan EMI. Traveling anywhere will be safer, since you would avoid exposure to pathogens and disease vectors. On the daily, it would be so much more convenient to run errands, like a trip to the grocery store!

Owning a car, maintaining it and keeping paperwork up to code may not be everyone’s cup of tea. But that should not mean that you be bereft of the benefits of a private vehicle. A car lease is the best of both worlds. The independence and flexibility of being in control of your schedule and transport in these uncertain times is priceless.

MyChoize offers an expansive self drive car rental service across 20 Indian cities. You can choose from their well-maintained fleet of over 25 vehicle makes including Hatchbacks, Sedans, MUVs, SUVs, Hybrids and Luxury Cars. Booking is easy and online and you can choose to pick up your vehicle from predefined locations near you or have it hand-delivered to your doorstep. Long term car rentals were never this easy, hassle-free and safe, and if you are someone that has been trying to escape the mundane life of working from home, give yourself the gift of a long-term car subscription and reclaim your freedom.