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Travel Tips to Be Safe On Your Vacation in India

A road trip to India can be an extreme experience, depending on the places you choose to visit. Various regions in India have different things and places to explore. If you try to encapsulate India, you may fall short of words. India is multicultural, fascinating, spiritual, and colossal. The more you visit India, the more you want to explore it, even if it is your first time. It is essential to be safe in any part of the world you travel, so read the tips mentioned below to make the most of your vacation in the land of gods.

Complete the paperwork

You must perfect your papers, including visa, passport, travel insurance, etc. in the planning stage itself to avoid facing in any legal issues in India. Whether you want to travel as a short-term tourist or long-term tourist, you must have every document you need. You can take the help of a travel agent if you think that google research is not enough.

Travel according to the weather

Your experience in India depends majorly on where you come from, the part of India you plan to visit, and the weather conditions in that place. The summer season in India is typically scorching and humid, especially if you come from a western country. However, there are regions where even the summers are pleasant, especially the mountains in the northern part of India. If you want to travel to like Mumbai, Goa, Hampi, Rajasthan, Varanasi, and Agra, it is better that you do it during summer. Kerala is the state in India where you can go during monsoon. Weather in India can play an essential role in your health, which is why it is essential to research the areas you choose to visit. While you are making your road trip plans, you can rent a self-drive car from MyChoize to make the trip as smooth as possible. MyChoize offers the best car rental service in India and you can enjoy the car rental service for as long as you want at affordable rates.

Take care of your health

Indian food is too spicy for someone coming from the western nations. If you do not take care of your health while trying every new cuisine that comes across, you may fall ill with a swirling stomach. It is better to buy food from trusted outlets and drink only bottled water. When you are in polluted areas, you must cover your mouth with a mask or a scarf. Although you can buy OTC medicines from any pharmacy in India, you must carry your preferred medications, if you wish.

Beware of the touts

Although the touts are spread everywhere in India, they do not cause physical harm to anyone. They mean to extract maximum money out of foreigners in the name of India tour, selling something too good to be true, and the like. The Ministry of Tourism provides the bookings for tourists from all over the world; you must not trust anyone who approaches to speak to you on the streets for  making any reservation for you.

Know where you are going

It is easy to find out where you want to go these days through Google Maps and find out the exact fare to reach there. Besides, you must ask your hotel manager, a local shop owner, or anyone you can trust about the directions and the best mode of transport to reach your destination. Domestic help is always more reliable than online advice.

Wear conservative clothes in rural areas

Although the Indian metropolitans are quite open to modern clothing, it is better to cover at least half of your body in these cities as well to avoid unwanted attention. When you are in the rural areas, you should avoid showing off any skin, especially if you are a female. The thumb rule is to look around and take cues from people about what they are wearing.

In every country, people try to take advantage of you, and the same is the case with India. Trust your instincts while talking to people and do not rely on anyone too quickly. Keep the emergency numbers at hand and keep in touch with your family. When you keep yourself alert and updated, you will find India a fantastic country.