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How are Foreigners Welcome to a New India

If you have been to India a few years ago, and are planning to visit again, you must be thinking about what has changed in this country? What all is new in India that would surprise you or shock you? Well, India and the Indians have gained a new perspective for many things in the last few years, and you can look forward to many progressive things in this land of Gods.

Increase in tourism

You will notice a notable change in the outlook of the youth when they talk about tourism, an industry that is booming in India like never before. The number of foreign tourists has undoubtedly increased, but the count of Indian tourists has increased multifold. More than 90% of tourists in the country are from India only. Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Himachal Pradesh, and the North-Eastern states are a few examples of the regions that attract the most number of people. In short, Indians, along with their foreign brethren, are discovering their own nation.

Better modes of transportation

The tourists, regardless of their nationality, want the primary facility for better transportation at any place they visit. In India, the number of trains, buses, airplanes, cabs, Self-Drive Cars, and auto-rickshaws has boomed like never before in the last one decade. India is a well-connected country with numerous options to reach even the remotest village, not to mention the noted cities.

Accommodation options

Be it any tourist place, famous or not-so-famous, the tourists always have numerous options to stay. At popular tourist destinations, the number of hotels that have popped up is even more than required. Other variants of accommodation include homestays, hostels, resorts, and camps where the tourists can have a fresh experience of staying in the lap of nature.

Assortment of foods

Whether you come from Japan, Israel, or any other nation, India offers cuisines from almost every country in the world in its metropolitans. When you are in the small cities, you can taste the brilliant local foods that will have their taste lurking in your heart for a long time. If you crave to eat or cook something from your hometown, you can either google the relevant restaurants or prepare it on your own at a homestay. Nevertheless, the Indian metropolitans now have the choice of innumerable cuisines that you can eat at a new eatery every day and still never feel bored.

Welcoming people

India has always been famous for treating the tourists wholeheartedly, which why the famous saying goes, “Atithi Devo Bhava,” meaning a Guest is equivalent to God. Indians are known for their hospitality even when it comes to treating even distant relatives at home. They try to familiarize with anyone whom they are supposed to welcome, no matter where they come from. When you go to an Indian’s home, they will treat you like family, even if you are the cousin of a friend’s nephew.

Change in people’s perspective towards sanitation

India used to be quite infamous for its poor hygiene, but now the people are increasingly becoming aware of the importance of cleanliness. The uneducated folks may have a long time to reach the national goals, but the civilized societies are making their best efforts to clean the country. The efforts of a few people are indeed trickling down to reach the foundation of India, which are the people who reside in villages.

India is a progressive country where people want to change for the better. While the nation has always been open to tourists, the government and the people are now even more committed to providing better facilities for the domestic, as well as, foreign tourists in the coming years. So, plan your long-term vacation in this vibrant country soon to witness the new India!