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Car Driving Tips to follow this Monsoon

Enjoying romantic songs and music from the 90s is the best thing you can have on any rainy day in India. When you combine it with pakodas and chai, nothing can beat the fun. Low-key thrills are sometimes the best, no matter with whom you are. However, safety should be your prime concern when you are driving a car in heavy rains in India, a country where driving is already a monumental challenge. Here are 7 car driving tips that will surely come in handy with the monsoon quickly approaching.

Listen to broadcasts

Enquire about the status of rains where you are headed. Listen to the FM or ask your friends or family about the weather condition. If it is raining too much, avoid driving in that region because water logging is not uncommon in India. Even when the clouds turn grey, traffic starts jamming up on the Indian roads, so you better anticipate the condition of roads when it is actually raining cats and dogs.

Use car lights

Do not underestimate the importance of headlights and taillights when you are driving in rains; they give a clearer view of the road and make your car more visible to the people on road. If you using wipers, do turn the headlights on.

Avoid skidding

Limit your speed while driving because rains increase the chances of failed breaks and skidding, which may prove disastrous to you as well as other drivers and pedestrians.

Brake control

The brakes of the cars become hard to use when it is raining, so you need to warm them up by braking them a couple of times. It helps to warm up the brake rotors. It is better to have your vehicle in control by the careful use of steering wheel, clutch, and accelerator.

Keep distance

It is good to follow the vehicle in front of you to be safe during rains, but maintain significant distance and limit the speed. The vehicle in the front is unpredictable for you, so it is good to be at least 3-5 meters behind it on the highways.

Driving local

Inner streets of the cities develop potholes, ruts, and depressions on the road in India when it rains too much. Do not go on a road where water is clogged. Even if you have to go in a water-clogged area, follow someone’s trail or footsteps. You may never know what lies beneath the water.

Parking the car

Avoid parking your car near a tree if you are stuck somewhere because trees are sometimes electrocuted during lightening. In that case, your car will also come at risk of damage. Park your car in an open space to prevent probable damage.

It is not very difficult to drive when it is heavily raining, provided you take proper caution. No matter the car you drive your own or a rental self-drive car. A little thoughtfulness will make sure you enjoy every bit of that pleasant weather. If you subscribe to a self-drive car by MyChoize, you can also use it for outstation travel in the monsoon.