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Top Three Budget Honeymoon Destination in India

The honeymoon is something that couples plan with more love than their wedding itself. After the new duo has enjoyed the shadi ka laddoo, the long-awaited honeymoon is in the queue. The great Indian wedding can make any couple feel weary. After a resting period of a couple of days, they rush off to celebrate their new wedding on their honeymoon. If you have recently got married or are planning to tie the knot, you must have estimated the budget and plan a perfect itinerary for your first holiday. Do not worry if you wish to spend a few days with your better half on a modest budget; many gorgeous honeymoon destinations are there in India. When you return home, you will remember your time spent on the vacation for all your life. You do not need to drain your bank account for a week of love-filled times; just check out these budget friendly honeymoon destinations in India where you can go to find love in the air.

Andaman and Nicobar Islands


Come down south in the country, and you will start loving India from an entirely new perspective. The exotic beaches along with pristine islands of this bunch of islands is a famous destination for tourists. With a humble financial plan, you can visit this place on your honeymoon or even later, when you want to rejuvenate your marriage. Sea-walking and snorkeling are just some of the activities that you can do here in Andaman and Nicobar Islands. You can also go to see the Cellular Jail, Andaman Water sports complex, Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park, Chatham Saw Mill, Corbyn’s cove, Mini Zoo, Chidiya Tapu, Forest Museum, Wandoor Beach, Anthropological Museum, Naval Museum (Samudrika), Fisheries Museum, Viper Island, and Ross Island. Along with Andaman and Nicobar Islands, you can also visit other Indian islands and explore places like Havelock, Port Blair, Ross Island, Jolly Buoy, and Red Skin.

Shimla- the Queen of the Hills


Shimla has been the choice for honeymoon for the newly-wed couples since decades. Whether you get married in winter or summer, you can always come to this hilly town for an incredible retreat. The lush green pastures and vivid terrains throughout the year make Shimla the top favorite budget honeymoon destination in India. If you come here during winter, you can enjoy snow sports in Kufri as well along with a bowl of Maggi and a cup of tea. Visit the Viceregal Lodge, take a visit to the Army Cantonment, and enjoy hot foods in the chilly weather of Shimla as you watch the Sunset.

Udaipur- the royal honeymoon place


Getting married in winter in North India has a great advantage; the weather is fantastic, and even the hottest state of Rajasthan becomes a honeymoon favorite for couples. The glorious Udaipur is a perfect place for the honeymoon, where you can enjoy the best time of your married life. Each hotel in Udaipur treats its guests like a Royal Rajput, which makes you feel like you are in ancient heaven. If you are in North India, reaching Udaipur is not an issue. Cheap flights are available to the closest Maharana Airport; you can save time and spend it in the city rather than the train or car. You can go for a boat ride, a romantic road trip to Kumbhalgarh and Summer Fort, have English breakfast at any of the British restaurants, and have authentic Rajasthani cuisines.

A honeymoon is a time when you do not want to leave any stone unturned to make your time unforgettable with your spouse. No matter the budget of your honeymoon, you can always go to the best places in India. You just need to do a good deal of research to find the best you can on great deals from various websites and travel agents. One of the best ways to reach these Honeymoon places is by hiring a self-drive car rental. MyChoize is one of the premier providers of self-drive cars on rent. You can simply install the MyChoize app to get started with choosing the right car that can accommodate you and your loved ones comfortably during the lovely drive. Forget about everything else in the world when you are out with your spouse on your honeymoon and have the time of your life.