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Top 5 Road Trip Movies that Inspire You to Go For a Vacation

The cinematic open roads appear on the huge screen in a PVR or the comfort of your couch; they tend to incite the flame of the long lost road trip in your heart. The sofa becomes the seat of a car or a bike that would take you to the hills. You can turn your car anywhere and experience the good and bad things of the place. A few legendary Bollywood movies were made in recent times that have the capacity to transport you to their world. Let us read about the top five movies like road trip that you must watch, if you could not do so earlier, to inspire yourself to live a better travel life

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara


Spain was never so famous among Indians the way now it is, before the movie, Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, hit the screens. The friends went out to hit the lazy roads of the country, experienced the superb deep sea diving, attended the great Tomatina festival, and attempted the liberating sky-dive. All these things were immediately marked on the bucket list of thousands of Indians. It makes us instantly call up the friends and plan the road trip ASAP.



The protagonist of the movie is forced to call off her marriage, but rather than crying her heart out for days in a row; she decides to go on her honeymoon, alone! She reaches Paris and then Amsterdam on her own, and finds her own self. She becomes a changed person for all time and ditches her ex-partner who realizes his mistake and tries to get her back on his own terms once again. The movie teaches us the power of a solo trip and a road trip with buddies, which gives us the resolve to do whatever we want and live life on our terms.



When the Highway movie ran on the theater screen, the display felt like a view from the window of a car. The audience did not want the film to end as the director had captured the essence of travel so beautifully. The protagonist is a gorgeous female who is about to get married, but a local goon kidnaps her in an urgency to save himself. Though he is not a crook, he has his reasons to abduct her. He takes her to hide from the police through the undiscovered roads of Haryana, Punjab, Rajasthan, Delhi, and Himachal Pradesh. She eventually falls in love with her current life of being a wanderer than being a part of an elite but hollow society. The die-hard road trippers fall in love with this movie, which is worth watching a million times.

Ye Jawani Hai Deewani


Even though the movie fooled its viewers by portraying Gulmarg as Manali, it could not fail to inspire us to reunite with our friends for a road trip. Nothing in the world can beat the feeling of being with friends and going for an extended road trip. The latter half of the film takes us to the epic scenes around the world, and in the magnificent palaces of the Udaipur. A reunion with friends, having fun in a typical Indian wedding and visiting the spectacular sceneries of Rajasthan popped into the checklist of Indian travelers.


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Most Indians never knew Corsica was a go-to destination in the world, but Tamasha brought it to us. Each backdrop from the movie looked like a wallpaper worthy picture. The way the actors liberated themselves from the bondage of their urban lives was a perfect inspiration for many Indians. The idea in the movie is to be yourself, at least at a place where no one knows you, and you do not know anyone.

Movies like these mentioned above are a must watch for every Indian traveler. No matter how soon or late you watch them, but do note them in your bucket list. You will not be able to resist yourself from watching them over and again.