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Save Money on Toll Tax and Fuel on a Road Trip

Since the 20th century when the automobiles started pouring in India in great numbers, people have become crazy about road trips. Going to any place by road used to be cheap, and it never burnt a hole in the pocket no matter how far you went. People used to cover thousands of kilometers in their car to enjoy their extended road trips and save money, of course. However, road trips have become very expensive these days. You have to bear the high cost of fuel, toll taxes, food, and lodging. For those who are new to road trips, toll tax can come as a great shock. You can now use a lot of technologies to make it a piece of cake to ditch those nasty booths. While not talking much about food and places to stay, let us put some light on the ways to save money on toll tax and fuel when you go for your next road trip.

Toll tax savings

The high cost of toll taxes all along the National Highways of India makes even a short road trip a wallet-buster. If you live in Delhi, you must be aware of the nasty toll tax in Murthal, which is very annoying for every commuter on the road. However, the Delhi-ites or the people of Haryana who loved to come to Murthal for hanging out find solace in the offers by the Dhabas, which propose to refund the toll tax that you pay in Murthal. Similarly, many other tourist destinations attract customers by including a refund of toll tax amount in their package.

Internet mapping sites

The easiest way to avoid toll tax is to use some tricks with internet mapping sites such as MapQuest, Google Maps, and a few others. Enter your starting point and ending point, click ‘Show Options’ tab on Google Maps, or ‘Driving Options’ on MapQuest. Now check the Toll Tax box to dismiss all Toll Tax booths on your way. It was simple, isn’t it?

GPS in the car

The inbuilt GPS of the car, or that bought from a third party manufacturer lets you avoid the toll points on your way. You just need to look for Settings in your GPS and make it function accordingly since different companies create different settings for their GPS systems.

Guidebooks and Maps

During every road trip, you must keep a guide or a map with you. In case the Internet of your phone fails you, you will not feel stuck anywhere. Moreover, the guidebooks also have information regarding toll taxes on the road. You need to spend some time and look at the streets carefully to find a route without toll booths. Keep your eyes sharp to look for things you want on your path and those you want to eliminate.

High cost of fuel

When the price of fuel goes high, the car owners, as well as the airlines, have to deal with it. It means when the cost of your road trip goes high, the ticket price of airplanes also becomes expensive. In the end, a road trip is always cheaper than flying by plane. To save money on fuel, you need to increase its efficiency by following a few tips you can easily find online. For starters, you need to keep the tire pressure at an optimum level, take out excess baggage from the car, and drive the car at a steady speed using cruise control. Just by keeping your mind on fuel economy, you can save a lot of money on the road.

While taking all the above pointers into consideration, one can also hire self-drive cars in any location in India at MyChoize, this is very convenient and affordable method. So, you save your money in getting a rental car instead of driving your own vehicle.