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Top 10 Road Trips to take during Monsoon in India

Monsoon is one of the best times of year in India to experience the beauty of nature which is quite exotic in a certain part of the country. They offer you an array of green lushes, freshness, ecstasy and a whole lot of heavenly pleasure. This is the time when most of the places are covered with clouds and caters you picturesque scenery that urges you to step out and embrace it.
In this article, we have brought you the 10 best road trips that you must plan in 2022 if you are looking for an escape from your monotonous routine.

1. The roads towards Malshej

Road Trip to Malshej Ghat

This is one of the popular road trips in the monsoon for the people in and around Maharashtra. Malshej Ghat is a road that gives your eyes a treat. The roads surrounded by the Western Ghats gives you a splendid view of nature with lush green sides and mountains covered with clouds and waterfalls. The distance is not much from Mumbai one can easily plan one day long driving during the monsoon at this place.

2. East Coast Road

East Coast Road Trip

Also known as East Coast Boulevard is the road connecting Chennai to Pondicherry and is considered as one of the best places to visit in monsoon due to its road which is one of the finest roads of India. You will simply enjoy this monsoon drive with plenty of scenic views.

3. Sprawling meadows of Manali to Leh

Road Trip from Manali to Leh

Popular amongst bikers and riders this road increases the difficulty level until you reach a point. Even though the drive to this road gives you a challenge it is worth it due to the picturesque view it offers and planning a road trip during the monsoon will bring a whole treat to your eyes and soul.

4. Hill Rains of Cheerapunji

Road Trip to Cheerapunji

The list cannot be completed without the mention of the most beautiful place in India, Cheerapunji is one of the states that records the highest rainfall in the country and during the monsoon it’s a paradise for road travellers. One can consider it as the best road trip and enjoy the monsoon drive on your trip from Shillong to Cheerapunji and get enchanted with the mesmerizing beauty of hills, waterfall and lush greenery.

5. The scenic beauty of Mangalore – Karwar

Mangalore to Karwar

The scenic beauty on this trip will give you hundreds of reasons to get going and filling up the fuel tank. Road surrounded by the Western Ghats will keep you mesmerizing throughout your trip by its majestic waterfalls, clouds and palm trees. This is a perfect family road trip where you can take a halt at Udupi, Honnavar, and Gokarna.

6. Splendid ride of Mumbai to Lonavala

Self Drive From Mumbai to Lonavala


If you are in Mumbai during the monsoon, this is a perfect weekend gateway. A road trip from Mumbai to Lonavala is a short drive of 3 hrs. The place is an attraction point throughout the year due to its climate, but one can see a huge hoard of attractions during the monsoon due to its scenic beauty. One can simply plan a halt at Bushi Dam or can take a ride up at tiger’s point and enjoy the hot fitters served by the locals.

7. Misty Spiralling Road of Bangalore to Ooty

Road Trip from Bangalore to Ooty

Monsoon brings a special charm to this place; the breath-taking views of Ooty hill station and the spiral roads taking you to the top hill will keep adventure up and at the same time the soothing green covered on the hill give you tranquillity. Enjoy the fresh aroma from the tea and coffees while you drive do not miss to halt at Bandipur reserve forest to experience some wildlife adventure.

8. Short drive from Chandigarh to Kasauli

Road Trip from Chandigarh to Kasauli

If you are an admirer of nature’s beauty, then a road trip to Kasauli should be on your bucket list. The place is very well known for its climate and scenic beauty, and it turns out to be more appealing during the monsoon. Road trip planning from Chandigarh to Kasauli will not only give you an escape from your routine life but will rejuvenate you with its charisma during the monsoon.

9. Into the Sahyadri ranges from Pune – Surat

Sahyadri View from Pune – Surat Road Trip

The scenic views of the Sahyadri Mountains will keep you hooked throughout your road trip from Pune to Surat. Enjoy the road stretch surrounded by mountains and waterfalls during the monsoon. You can also take a halt at Satpura hill station which is a popular picnic spot and is an attractive spot for many nature lovers during the monsoon.

10. Enjoy the marvellous view of Mumbai to Goa.

Self Drive Mumbai to Goa

One of the safest routes and road trips to go for during the monsoon is Mumbai to Goa. The roads are in a good condition and keep you engages with the breath-taking views during the monsoon, you can easily plan your road trip to Goa by hiring a self-drive car rental in Mumbai and enjoy the entire trip. Take a route from Sawantwadi as the road will bewitch you with its beauty.

However, the monsoon has its spell that one should be prepared for you never know when the musical drizzling turns into chaos. Always make sure you double-check the weather forecasts while planning a road trip. You can plan your short road trips with MyChoize car that offers self-drive car rental services at the best price you can simply visit the website or download the MyChoize app to avail best offers.

If you are in Mumbai during the monsoon, this is a perfect weekend gateway. A road trip from Mumbai to Lonavala is a short drive of 3 hrs.

Happy Driving!