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A Weekend Road Trip From Mumbai to Lonavala

Weekend to Lonavala

As our lives return to normal and weekdays start getting longer, we find ourselves craving respite and rejuvenation over the weekend. If you’re located in the city that never sleeps aka Mumbai, there’s a refreshing weekend road trip waiting for you, less than 100 kms away!

Yes! We are talking about taking a self-drive car down to the Jewel of Sahyadri-Lonavala!

The route from Mumbai to Lonavala is a scenic two hour drive and the best way to experience this hilly route is in your favourite car. There are several car rental services in Mumbai where you can choose a self drive car from a great range. Choose your favourite wheels without burning a hole in your pocket and head on out for a weekend of fun & frolic to Lonavala!

Here are 7 amazing things you can do on a weekend long road trip from Mumbai to Lonavala :

1.Hike up to Tiger’s Point & Rajmachi Fort:

After sitting on a chair for five days in a week, work up a sweat with this moderately tough hike up to Tiger’s Leap. Drive in a self drive rental car from Mumbai to Lonavala on a route dotted with lush green trees and jagged rocks which amp up the feel of adventure. The trek is sure to work your core and glutes and give you the best workout glow and the view from the top is a sight for sore eyes (and legs!).

Rajmachi Fort offers trekkers a chance to upgrade their skills. The fort is surrounded by a sea of green and is made out of rocks, giving climbing enthusiasts various levels to trek at. It’s easily a one-day trek and the view from the top offers great frames for nature clicks! Keep an eye out for a variety of tropical birds found in this area.

2.Head out for an Adrenaline Rush at Duke’s Nose :

Whether you’re a budding mountaineer or an adventure sports enthusiast, the Duke’s Nose has got your Back! Get cars on rent in Mumbai to drive down to Lonavala’s famous Duke’s Nose. Trek up or Zipline around the Sahyadris and rappel down the rough boulders for a thrilling time. Practice feet traversing out on the rocks in Lonavala before you hit the big ones or just work up an appetite walking around the local sights.

Lonavala offers many thrilling adventure activities. So pack your gear in your self drive rental car for the weekend and head on out for some mad rappelling or bouldering on slick rocks near Kune Waterfall to challenge the adventurer in you!

3.Revisit a Historical Time at Karla Caves and Bhaja Caves:

Sometimes, a soul replenishes when it is surrounded by culture and a little mystique. Karla Caves and Bhaja Caves are second century Buddhist shrines.

These are archeological gems, located snugly in pristine Lonavala. Get a self-drive car for hire in Mumbai and drive down to these rock-cut caves for a stimulating experience. There are ancient stupas, pyramids, ornately carved walls & pillars which are covered in Brahmi script, which make you feel closer to the spiritual Buddha himself!

4.Family Fun Time at Adlabs Imagica:

Quality family time over the weekend is a quintessential need for all Indian families. Adlabs Imagica adds a new, adventurous flavour to family time with rides, entertainment, shopping and other activities, suited for every member of the family. Kids and adults alike can enjoy the Theme Parks and Joy Rides and even enjoy a culinary experience from across the world at Imagica’s Capital Restaurant. It is best to drive down in a self drive rental car with a big boot space to load up all the goodies you are sure to bring back from Imagica!

5.Long Walks & Picnics in Lonavala:

Take the easy, two and a half hour long walk up to Canyon Valley and halt for a picnic at the perfect spot with a great view or visit the Ryewood Park for acres long green stretches.!

Be sure to pack a big lunch for the picnic as these walks are sure to work up quite an appetite. Having a self drive car here is convenient as you don’t have to worry about carrying all the extra load with you. Take a hike with your belongings safely locked up in your self drive rental car and spend some worry-free time with your loved ones!

A simple stroll with your loved ones in Ryewood Park or the walk up to Canyon Valley is enough to wash away the week’s mental fatigue and fill you with vigour for the times ahead! The Canyon Valley hike is a must for photography enthusiasts as you get some great angles for nature shots.

6.Camping Adventures in Lonavala:

For all the stargazers and bonfire enthusiasts, there are many forest pockets in the Sahyadris which make excellent camping sites. Midnight camping is especially exciting in Lonavala and a popular favourite over the weekends. Catch the sunrise in one of these spots and you are sure to come back for more. You might just meet other campers along the way and have yourselves a gala time!

Pitch a tent at Pawna Lake or Tiger’s Point, have yourselves a barbeque and sing along to 90s music while looking up at the stars! Get your favourite cars on rent in Mumbai, load it up and head on out for a weekend of campfires under the clear sky in Lonavala!

7.Luxury Awaits at Aamby Valley :

When you slog all week, the weekend must be a lavish treat! Indulge in exotic resorts and high end activities at Aamby Valley. The road to Aamby valley is an avenue of green, making it one of the most spectacular short drives in the country. The activities here range from taking an Aqua Bus which takes you in water to riding an ATV on rough terrains! Experience pristine jungles and stand under cool waters of hidden waterfalls in Aamby Valley. The food is exotic and so are the quaint Cottages and Chalets available here for stay. Get your favourite self drive car on hire in Mumbai and drive to Aamby Valley for a luxurious weekend!

Weekend road trips are back with a twist! Get cars on rent and drive from Mumbai to Lonavala in a self-drive rental car for a great experience!

If you’re located in the city that never sleeps aka Mumbai, there’s a refreshing weekend road trip waiting for you, less than 100 kms away!