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12 Best Trekking Places in India 2022

Valley of Flower Trek

Valley of flower trek in India

One of the best trekking places in India for beginners Valley of Flower trek in Uttarakhand is the best winter trek in India. The pristine view of the valley covered with a variety of Himalayan flowers will keep you enchanted throughout the trek. The destination is also one of the heritage sites of UNESCO and the Sikh pilgrimage of Hemkund Sahib. The spot is ideal for all age groups who want to explore the adventure of trekking as this is one of the easiest treks in India you can try.

Region: Uttarakhand
Best time to visit: July to Mid-September
Difficulty level: Easy to Moderate
Altitude: 3658m
Duration: 7 days

Dzongri – Goecha La Trek

Dzongri trek in India

There are several reasons why Dzongri –Goecha La Trek is one of the best treks in India. Explore the historical, traditional and cultural significance of the town Yuksom, the starting point of the trek. Treat your eyes and calm your soul with the breathtaking view of Mt. Kanchenjunga, Mt. Kabru and Mt. Pandim. The spot is one of the popular summer treks in India and is mostly visited by experienced trekkers.

Region: Sikkim, Himalaya
Best time to visit: Mid-March, June and September- Mid-November
Difficulty level: Moderate
Altitude: 4940m
Duration: 10 days

Adi Kailash Trek

Adi Kailash Trek in India

One of the popular hiking destinations in the heart of Kumaon Himalaya, Adi Kailash is one of the most beautiful treks in India and give a resemblance to Mt. Kailash of Tibet and hence also known as Chotta Kailash. The trek is not easy and certainly requires experienced guidance. One can witness the beauty of nature and the magnificent mountain ranges of Annapurna.

Region: Kumaon, Himalaya
Best time to visit: June – October
Difficulty level: Moderate
Altitude: 6191m
Duration: 12 days

Rajmachi Trek

Rajmachi Trek in India

Known as Mount Everest of Maharashtra, Rajmachi Trek gives you a breathtaking view of nature with frosty clouds covering the peak and fresh air. The trail is well marked and does not need guiding. One can explore the historical sites of 17th Century old fort structured by the great Maratha warrior Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. The one-day trek can give you abundant views of nature, historical and pilgrim sites

Region: Lonavala, Maharashtra
Best time to visit: June – September
Difficulty level: Easy
Altitude: 3000 ft
Duration: 1 day

Kheerganga Trek

Kheerganga Trek in India

Located in the paradise of Parvati Valley, the Kheerganga trek is one of the best trekking places in India for beginners. Witness the beautiful sights of Pine and Oak forests stretching on the trail along with clear water rivers, therapeutic hot water spring to take a dip and amazing culture and food. Kheerganga trek is one of the easiest treks in India and attracts many tourists during the season.

Region: Kasol, Himachal
Best time to visit: May- June and September – October
Difficulty level: Easy
Altitude: 3050m
Duration: 1 day

Sandakphu Trek

Sandakphu Trek in India

One of the highest point trek in West Bengal, Sandakphu is also popularly known as Trekker’s wonderland. Treat your eyes to the breathtaking view of Mt. Everest, Mt. Kanchenjunga, Mt. Lhotse and Mt. Makalu. Explore the colourful flora including ferns, orchards,and magnolia. Some of the other attraction includes Black Pond also known as Kalapokhri holy site of Buddhist. Don’t miss taking a detour to the valley of poison called Bhikey Bhanjyang where the poisonous flower Aconite grows.

Region: West Bengal
Best time to visit: April- May and October – February
Difficulty level: Easy to Moderate
Altitude: 11500 ft
Duration: 9 days

Chokramundi Trek

Chokramundi Trek in India

Experience the mist-clad ambience along with river water tea estate and high-altitude forest of Chokramundi trek of Munnar. This is a wonderful spot for beginners who want to experience the adventure of trekking in a short time. The view of Western Ghats, Anamudi are matchless another point of attraction is the Idukki dam- one of the highest arched dams in Asia. You can visit anytime during the year to enjoy the beautiful climate and scenic beauty of nature.

Region: Munnar
Best time to visit: All months
Difficulty level: Easy
Altitude: 2100m
Duration: 1 day

Rupin Pass Trek

Rupin Pass Trek in India

Loved by expert trekkers Rupin Pass Trek of the Garhwal region is one of the best trekking places in India. One can experience the thrill and adventure of the challenging trails with a breathtaking view of nature. Due to its difficulty level, only people above the age of 14 under the expert’s guidance can participate in the trekking. You can witness the various rough terrains, waterfalls and hanging villages. The beauty of Kinner Kailash Peak is unbeatable from its peak.

Region: Garhwal, Uttarakhand
Best time to visit: May-June and September – October
Difficulty level: Difficult
Altitude: 15250ft
Duration: 7 days

Chandrataal Lake Trek

Chandrataal Trek in India

Popularly known as Lake of Moon – Chandrataal Lake is like an apple of the eye for all nature lovers. Situated in Spiti Valley, this is the most romantic destination with the charismatic lake situated in the lap of the Himalayas. The location offers the most splendid view of the entire Spiti valley. This is also one of the best winter treks in India and remains on the bucket list of most trekkers looking for adventure and push their limits.

Region: Spiti, Ladakh
Best time to visit: May-October
Difficulty level: Easy-Moderate
Altitude: 4300m
Duration: 5 days

Gomukh Tapovan Trek

Gomukh Tapovan Trek in India

If you are looking for some adventure and thrill then this is the destination for you, the trek starts from the Gangotri glaciers and traverses you to the other two glaciers of Meru and Kirti Bambak. One of the best treks in India it mesmerizes the hiker right from the start with adventure and enchanting views of nature.

Region: Greater Himalaya, Uttrakhand
Best time to visit: May- June and August-October
Difficulty level: Moderate- Difficult
Altitude: 4329m
Duration: 11 days

Kedar Tal Trek

Kedar Tal Trek in India

Nature at its best, that’s what you will realize once you reach the Kedar Tal. The spot is popular for its changing its colour from emerald, blue and grey depending upon the weather. It also offers a view of famous mountain peaks Mt. Thalaysagar, Mt. Bhrigupanth, Manda Parvat, Mt. Join and Mt. Gangotri and hence, considered as one of the best trekking places in India.

Region: Garhwal Himalaya, Uttrakhand
Best time to visit: May- June and September-October
Difficulty level: Difficult
Altitude: 4719m
Duration: 7 days

Kanchenjunga base camp trek

Kanchenjunga Trek in India

One of the most thrilling and adventurous trek destinations of India, Kanchenjunga is the glory of our country. The mountain ranks the third highest mountain with an altitude of 8,586m in the world and is an attraction to trek lovers around the world. The base camp trek will give you many rough trails with the perk of a scenic view of nature.

Region: Sikkim Himalaya
Best time to visit: Mid-March-May, Mid-September-November
Difficulty level: Difficult
Altitude: 4940m
Duration: 8 days

These were some of the best trekking destinations in India that you must try once. Besides this make sure that you are properly trained to climb the mountains. Choose the correct footwear and practice walking with backpacks. Make sure you keep yourself and your companions hydrated and carry sufficient water.

You can try one day’s trek at your nearest place if you are a beginner. Check out a few monsoon trek places from Mumbai and plan your trek accordingly. For the nearest destination, you can opt for self-drive car rental services for a smooth trip.

Happy Trekking!