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7 Ways to Stay Fit while Travelling

Traveling from a Western country to an Eastern country can be exciting, as well as, intimidating for some people. The main things that scare most of the people while going to the developing countries is water and food, which is prepared from water. A trip to India is a wonderful experience for everyone, unless you get sick or become a victim of touts. Let us take care of the food aspect of your vacation, while we prepare the next blog to take care of the touts part.

Eat fresh

The best part about the Indian food is that you can get the freshly cooked food everywhere in the country. No one will serve you a stale chai or pakodas, the only reason because Indians don’t accept the pre-cooked food. Take advantage of this fact, and ask for fresh food even if someone tries to serve you anything that was cooked hours before serving.

Buy your own fruits

You may get bored of eating spicy and salty foods throughout your stay in India, and want to eat raw fruits and vegetables. However, you must not buy fruits and vegetables from a vendor even if he cuts them right in front of you unless you want to mess with your stomach. The vendors often use water from dirty containers to wash the fruits, which may lead to stomach infection for you.

The great Indian street food

Different people have different things to say about the Indian street food, which is surely delectable, but never too hygienic. There are vendors who do take care of the hygiene, but not too much. If you are sure about the strength of your immune system, you may try the street food from busy shops because such shops attract people only when they take care of hygiene. If you doubt that you cannot digest the heavy spices and even slightly unhygienic items, you must stay away from them.

Eat vegetarian foods

The rest of the world may swear by the non-vegetarian foods, but when you are in India, you would not mind becoming a vegetarian for some time. The tastiest vegetarian dishes are found in India. Some of them are Paneer Butter Masala, Soya Chaap, South Indian Upma, Masala Dosa, Chinese Chilli Garlic Noodles, and what not. If you are in Delhi, you will find the best vegetarian foods from all over the country, and the best non-vegetarian as well. Do consider going to West Delhi, especially Tilak Nagar, if you want to try to authentic Punjabi chicken, mutton, and fish cuisines. Even the small takeaway outlets serve great food in West Delhi. If you are a real foodie or a blogger and want to explore the tasty Indian street foods, rent a car and hit the streets of India.

Mineral water

Buy only sealed water bottles of brands like Bisleri, Foster, Kinley & Aquafina to drink water. You must not ever drink water from taps installed at various places in different cities, which is basically done out of charity for the poor.

Drink coconut water

For just 40-50 INR, you can get an amazing serving of fresh coconut water. It is great to make your stomach happy, no matter how much spicy food you ate the previous night.

Have a cup of tea

Since tea is boiled well before serving, you may buy them from small vendors as well. Ask your vendor to add ginger or cardamom to the tea so that you can digest whatever you have eaten before that.

If you have a sensitive body, you ought to take care of it more than you would do in your home country. Traveling in India is indeed a life-changing experience, and you must be positive while traveling rather than seeing everything with suspicion.