Things Backpackers Do not Like About Backpacking

Solo travel with a backpack!

Don’t you wanna do it?

For sure you would love to go for a solo backpacking trip for the first time. Maybe second time too, and perhaps the twentieth time as well.

However, things get monotonous after a certain number of backpacking alone around the world. That number may be tenth solo trip for you, while twentieth for someone else. But there surely comes a point when you get tired of certain things about this form of travel. It’s not that you may hate it or never want to do it, but you would surely feel that a few problems tend to aggravate when you travel for a really long time.

Dirty kitchens

Most travelers who use the hostel kitchen are inconsiderate for other people who may use the kitchen after them. Despite the signs that tell them to clean up every time they use the place, they barely do so. No one needs to be told that one should clean the slab after using, pick up the dirty dishes, and wash the used utensils. But no one bothers, and the cleanliness enthusiasts never like to enter the hostel pantry when it is busy or used badly.

Missing the gym

Anyone who likes to work out on a regular basis never likes to miss it, even if it is for their favorite thing to do in the world. Solo backpacking is something you would give your arm for, but if you like to maintain your muscles, you would surely miss the gym. Yes, you can do the exercises on the mountains and beaches, but you cannot lift weights or do several other exercises that you do with the gym equipment.

Backpack flags

There used to be a previously hidden contest among the backpackers about the number of countries they have visited, which has now come out in open. There are backpackers who like to boast about the countries they have visited, the foods they have tried, and the activities they have done. Even the smallest activity counts for a mention according to such boisterous travelers, which others don’t like. The over-the-top travelers like to show off their travels with the number of flags on their bags. Each time they visit a country, they sew a new flag to their bag.

None of it is a problem if they keep their experiences to themselves without showing them off to the newbies and letting them down. Even though no one likes to encounter such people, but the reality of the backpacking world is that even this field is not free from competition.

The quick romance

While you make quick new friends as you travel with someone, you may find yourself even quicker to fall in love with them. Road trips make everything even more romantic than they would do otherwise. At the end of the road trip, you may have to say goodbye to the newly found romantic partner because your priorities do not match. It becomes really tiring after a while for the veteran backpackers.

Life is not a bed of roses for the backpackers, but no one promised them that either. Most people know what they are up to when they sign up for solo travel, which is why they bear the challenges like they knew about them already.