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India Travel Advisory during Corona Virus Outbreak

Thousands of travelers were already in India after the news of Corona Virus outbreak spread around the world. If you are already there in India or anywhere in Asia, you need not panic because of the news of virus around you. Just be cautious, which does not include canceling all your travel plans. However, you must take care of a few things to continue traveling. The good news is that India is handling the situation really well, and there are relatively lower number of Corona Virus patients in the country than the others.

Take it as a lesson and get the vaccinations

Don’t panic and take the situation as a lesson to travel to places during a major outbreak. You must get all the necessary vaccinations after consulting your doctor before traveling to India or any other Asian country. Even though there is no accurate vaccination for Corona Virus at present, those already present in the market should provide you adequate protection. And you must not travel to China, Japan, South Korea, Iran and Italy because these countries are the worst affected countries from the outbreak.

Make refundable bookings

The news and reports on Corona Virus are changing on an hourly basis. Therefore, you must make sure that you have the option to get refund for your hotel and airline bookings. You may have always wanted to visit the countryside Japan in your dreams, for instance, but that destination has suddenly become risky. Doesn’t it make sense that you should be eligible to get your money back when the circumstances are not in anyone’s favor?
Also, you can just book safe and sanitized self-drive car rental and get set to explore.

Sanitize and clean your hands

It is indeed a great idea to sanitize your hands using the alcohol-based hand sanitizer, and you must carry one in your bag. Nonetheless, you must know that nothing compares to washing your hands properly with soap for 20 seconds. If you have just been to a public washroom or anywhere in a crowded place, you must clean or sanitize your hands, even if you did so a few minutes earlier. And be wary of buying the sham sanitizers being sold in the market because of the shortage of products. You can also carry wet wipes to sanitize the surface that meets the hands of several people before you touch them.

Stay away from sick people

Yes, it is true that not everyone coughing or sneezing around you is infected with Corona Virus, but it is better to stay cautious. When someone is infected with the deadly virus, they may not even know it in the initial stages, and may infect several other people around them. If you are sick with normal cough and cold, you must stay quarantined or at least avoid crowded places.

Take supplements

You must increase your intake of vitamin C and boost your immunity with vegetarian foods in place of non-vegetarian foods. You also need to take care of your body just like you would do for any other illness. Take a good night’s sleep daily and avoid unnecessary stress.

Become a flexible traveler as much as you can. You must not panic ever, and change your refundable bookings at an instant without feeling bad about cancellations and wasted time. Corona Virus is not that bad of a situation in India as it is in other countries. Just by being a little extra cautious, you can beat it and live life like you always did.