How India Travel will Change post Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought the entire travel industry to a standstill. The travelers who had their plans to travel around the world in the mid-2020 or late 2020 are now stuck at home. Everyone is contemplating whether the airlines will resume their flights to their dream destinations or not. And the travelers are envisaging whether they will be traveling to their countries of wish-list or not. India witnesses millions of travelers every year from different Indian states and foreign countries. Let us see how the experts predict the situation of India travel after the Corona Virus pandemic passes by.

India will attract domestic travelers


The world is going to see travel as an activity to do only when necessary, and that too only to the nearby destinations so that they can return home quickly in an emergency. The Indian travelers are going to postpone their abroad travel until 2021 or even later. Similarly, the international tourists will not come to India unless it is necessary. India will attract more domestic travelers than the international tourists, which means that the travel industry will gradually resume activity. It will take six months to two years to see the travelers back in action after the Covid-19 pandemic.

 Choice of hotels

The travelers will choose their hotels differently after 2020 while giving preference to their safety and sanitization. If you are going to book a hotel for 2021, you must look for their policies concerning social distancing, hotel sanitization, room sanitization, and try to find hotels that offer minimum touch points. You may also want to book a hotel that is secluded in the woods rather than the property that is located in a crowded city. On the other hand, you may also want to book a hotel that may be located in the city, but it offers health security measures so that you don’t have to travel to the tourist spots every day.

The journey will be different

Public transports will be the last preference for the tourists because they would not like to expose themselves to the Corona Virus. You may hire either a cab in the metropolitans and small cities, or use a Self-Drive Car Rent so that you can drive independently without coming in contact with someone you don’t know. The cab drivers will ensure that they maintain distance with all their passengers and only ferry two or three passengers in the back seat. The Car Rental companies will warrant that they disinfect the car before delivering it to the client.

Until the vaccine for Corona Virus is discovered and is made available for common use, travelers are not likely to travel too often. The world economy is surely hit because of this pandemic, but we are all in this together, and we will learn to live with the presence of Corona Virus around us. Nonetheless, we have to be positive about our existence and be tough from inside to face this situation.

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This too shall pass!