How to Gain the Maximum Out of Your Hotel Booking

The hospitality industry makes a lot of money every year, and it is not a hidden fact that they have to keep a few tricks under their hat to be on the profitable side. Nevertheless, no hotel can keep these secrets forever, and they have to let the cat out of the bag at times. This is the time when you can take advantage of being a premium customer and make the best use of your money.


Book directly with the hotel

Booking with a third-party website may appear seamless, but you may not know the catch at times. When you reserve your hotel room from a booking site, you have to pay a certain amount of commission to them for their services. Avoid spending additional money on any site and book your room directly at the hotel Reception or directly book on Hotel’s website. Secondly, the hotels often overbook their rooms because some people usually do not show up. However, if in a rare case, everyone turns up at the hotel, the managers are forced to send a few customers away, which in most cases are the ones who have made the bookings through other websites. The ones who booked directly with the hotels are most likely to be given a room.


Check-in without reservation

If you happen to land at a city where you urgently want a room, you must check in after 5 pm because the hotels are more than happy to give away a room at a lower price than keep it vacant for the night. Be nice while negotiating the price for your room; you will be surprised at the lowest limit the hotel will offer you for the room. However, make sure that you do not negotiate in front of other guests. The staff do not want to negotiate the price for everyone.


Use procrastinating to your advantage

If you happen to be a procrastinator, you can use it for your benefit. While booking a room, you can try calling a hotel and ask if they have any rooms available for the night. If you do not happen to visit an over-crowded city, you will get the room at a throwaway price. Rather than calling several hotels, you may even show up directly at the Reception and ask for an availability. If the last-minute bookings do not scare you, you can save a lot of money. The downside of delaying too much is that you may have to spend your night in your car! Do not use this tip while traveling during peak season or holidays.

A handsome young man handing over a credit card to a woman

A handsome young man handing over a credit card to a woman

Mention if you are celebrating something

If you plan to stay at the hotel celebrating any occasion like birthday, anniversary, or honeymoon, you can let the hotel staff at the Reception know about it. The hotels like to treat their guests well. High-end hotels often want to create memories for their guests, without charging anything for it. However, do not fake your celebration just to get excellent treatment.


Double check your booking dates

Yes, you already know that the hotels get pricier during major festivals and holidays, but you might not be aware of the local celebrations in the city you are traveling. If there is a significant gathering, meeting, conference, or political event going on, you will definitely find the hotels over-booked and over-priced. If you suspect that the hotel website shows prices higher than usual, check the local events going on near the hotel. Adjust your travel dates if possible, to avoid paying unnecessary charges. Sunday to Thursday is the best time to stay cheap at any place.

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When you have so many ways to save on your hotel bookings, you would never feel like paying an additional price. The hotels are there to make your stay memorable as well as expedient. Just be genuinely polite to everyone you meet, and you are sure to get some additional benefit, not only at the hotel but everywhere you go. You can take a self-drive car rental by MyChoize, for amazing travel experience. The great thing about MyChoize vehicles is that they are fully maintained and insured, while also having roadside breakdown assistance if you face any problem.