Choose from Wide Range of Our Self-Drive Car

Meet the fleet


Have you met the machines? Or, rather, we should ask, have you met our beasts? Well, not all of them are beasts! Some are cuddly cute ones that you just want to handle with so much care. Well, the others? Not quite so cute, we’d say. Let’s introduce you to them.


First up, meet the cutest member of our team – the flexible hatchback, or if you would, the majestic feline!  Just as flexible as a cat, these hatchbacks are perfect for inner city maneuvering. Ever seen a cat fitting into the box? Yes, exactly the elasticity and flexibility we are talking about. Late for a meeting? Don’t fret. Unleash the feline instincts of these hatchbacks and zip through city traffic in no time!




Up next, the agile, dominating sedan, or you can say, the dominating alpha from Thueringen – the Doberman Pinscher. Just like a Doberman, our sedans need a lot of loving and attention! Hunt in packs, or hunt alone, the Doberman is built to dominate. Pretty much describes our self drive sedans – built to dominate and hungry for power! So, take one on a ride and feel the power as you set the tone on the roads.



Next up is the elegant equestrian, or our elegant Mini SUVs. Just like horses, these self drive Mini SUVs pack a punch. Don’t get fooled by their elegance, these are long distance runners with a lot of Horse Power. Did we mention? They are playful. Yes! Come take a ride on one and unleash the horse power. Equus like, these SUVs are packed with a lot of unique features and senses that not only allow them to maneuver through tight corners in cities, but also ride along smoothly on highways and hilly roads.



Up last, but, certainly not the least, the prehistoric beast! Rhinos have always been sole wanderers. Just like our Premium SUVs. They want to travel where no man has gone before. Taking the off beat route is their favourite past time. They never get tired and are always up for another beastly walk through the jungle. A keen sense of smell will always drive them forward on to the next route.



So, what are you waiting for? Head on over to and head out!