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We are very excited to tell you about our successful rebranding exercise! This exercise marks a transformation. A transformation in our identity, a transformation in our services, for the better.


We are in the business of creating happy memories. Memories are what bind people together. Memories make a happy relationship. Our expansion into the retail self drive car rental market was a way to empower individual customers with the opportunity to own a car for a short period of time without having to spend a lot of money. Our service is built on the pillars of personal freedom – the personal freedom to choose and decide! Our self drive service doesn’t limit customers by kilometres, because, we believe road trips aren’t measured in kilometres, they are measured in memories!


At MyChoize, creating relationships are the cornerstone on which our service is built. It was a smooth transition for us in our move from corporate car rental to retail customer car rental. Expanding into the retail market will open up new avenues for us. Our expansion will be backed at the core by our strong infrastructure. We have captured this expansion in our new identity as well.


The new identity system represents a change, for the better. It retains the essence of everything we earlier stood for, and adds a fresh vibrant feel to the brand. The identity system is youthful and energetic, and represents a bold move into the future, whilst affirming our deep rooted service ethic gained over years of experience in the car rental market.


A yellow palette has been used for the rebranding exercise. The colour is energetic, joyful and filled with intellect. It captures the attention of the customer and invites them to interact with the brand. The identity is reminiscent of a yellow taxicab, which reflects MyChoize’s line of business. It also reaffirms their belief in a strong service ethic.


Speaking on the launch of the new identity, Mr. Sandeep Gambhir, Managing Director of ORIX Auto Infrastructure Services Limited, said “We have always believed in the power of good service. MyChoize is an extension of ORIX’s strong service roots into the Self Drive Space. This new identity marks our bold, positive intentions for the future. We have incorporated newer technology and a much more robust tool which will make the entire experience much more enjoyable for the customer.”


The rebranding exercise actually coincides with a facelift for the technology as well. Our new much improved tool will hit the Android and Apple stores in July.