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5 Spooky roads you should travel down if you can dare to!

Ghost stories have always had a certain charm in them. Whether listening to ghost stories narrated by grandma or stories told at night in a campfire party with friends or simply listening to Creepy Pasta on YouTube, horror stories have always had a rather unusual appeal to any listener’s ears.

While some roads and highways are infamous for mishaps others simply have the paranormal element.
Here’s a list of 5 such roads.

  1. Delhi Cantonment road:

According to myth, at night a girl clad in a white sari is seen hitchhiking. Motorists who stop to help her are not seen again; those who ignore see her following the vehicle at the same speed. Locals recount different stories of a slightly sinister past of the road. One story goes that a girl was raped and dumped on this road. Another story talks about a woman who killed her children and committed suicide on this road. Whichever story one considers, the road still remains a terrifying place to drive through in the night.


Madh and Marve Island Road:


Located in Mumbai, Madh and Marve Island is a nice weekend get over with a beautiful beach and lovely greenery. The Madh and Marve also has a 9 km long road believed to be haunted by the spirit of a young woman. People claim to have seen a young woman in a bridal dress on this road. Legend has it that she was tortured and eventually killed by her in-laws for dowry. Hotel managers claim to hear her screams and the sounds of her anklet at night. Spoooky, isn’t it?


This road’s history precedes itself! A road so spooky that people usually offer prayers to Lord Hanuman before using this Highway. Call this the Bermuda Triangle of the Indian roads. Multiple lives have been lost on this highway under mysterious conditions. Recently a bus driver suddenly lost control of his vehicle leading to 22 fatalities, and over 60 injured. Curious claims include the sighting of an unusually tall lady clad in white, standing as if waiting for someone. The Police have set up a police station for the safety of travelers. But does that nullify the paranormal effect? Drive yourself and know!

Kasara Ghat: ( Mumbai to Nashik highway)


Motorists travelling through this stretch at night have seen an old woman clad in a white sari with her head cut off, laughing hysterically. This ‘ghost’ is usually seen only on a new moon night. Many say that the old woman must be one of the laborers who lost their lives during the construction of the Ghats. Just imagining an old woman dressed in white with her head cut-off laughing frantically should be enough to send a chill down anybody’s spine.

  1. Kashedi Ghat: ( Mumbai Goa highway)


    Many curious stories about this haunted road are told. One story reportedly describes a ‘ghostly apparition’ that appears in front of vehicles. Locals maintain that the only way to escape a mishap is to allow the apparition to pass through! Easier said than done, we’d say!