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Long-term Car Rental-Is it Worth It?

Long term car rental

Most of us would have hired car rental service for small road trips, weekend trips or at times of special occasions such as weeding which are barely a thing of 5-7 days. Car subscription in India is not a new concept for us, but have you heard of monthly or annually car rental services which are specifically designed to meet your daily commuting?

In this article let’s understand why a long-term car rental service is the best fit for you and why you should opt for it.

What is a long-term car rental service?

Unlike traditional car rental service, long term car rental service has the same purpose but with an advantage of duration. You can select your car rental service for a specific period of a month or six months or a year. Here, you will be the owner of the car but the costs bearing will be done by the service providing company.

How does long term car rental service work?

The concept is similar to the short-term car rental but for a long duration. If you have tried an online car subscription in India, for small getaways and vacations then you know how it works. One of the biggest advantages of having a long-term service is that you can keep the car for a longer period depending upon your requirement. The longer the period the more discounts you get from the company and you ultimately save more money.

With a long-term rental service, you can rent a car for a month. You can also extend the contract up to 3 years depending on your requirement. If you want to return your car ahead of the decided duration, it’s completely fine as long as the minimum number of days mentioned in the contracts are passed.

Does Mychoize offer a long term car rental service?

Yes, Mychoize offers you monthly and annual plan services. You can easily download the Mychoize app or visit the website and start browsing through the various plans and offers. You can check our wide range of car make and models options ranging across SUV, TUV, Hatchback and MUV cars and select the subscription plan such as Hyundai or Mahindra car subscription or any other that suits your need and comfort. The renting process is seamless and you get your brand-new sanitized car at your doorstep

What are the advantages of long-term car rentals?

There are many advantages of renting a car service for a longer period. Below are a few of the advantages.

  • Pocket friendly

Buying a new car can bring a lot of financial tension right from the down payment to road registration tax, from EMI to insurance, not to forget the maintenance cost which is very expensive at times. But with rental services, you need not have to take the stress of any of the above problems. All you have to pay is your monthly car rents starting as low as INR 12,000 onwards for a limited kilometre and INR 15,000 onwards for unlimited kilometres.

  • Zero documentation

Your car rental company is responsible to take care of all the car documentation, such as RTO registration papers, insurance papers, maintenance and other taxes related to your car.

  • Flexible plan

The service is quite flexible as you can return your car whenever you want and can extend the service as per your necessity. You can extend the service up to 3 years and can return your car with the minimum usage of days mentioned in the contract.

  • Hygiene

Hygiene is the most sought thing that many of us prefer during these days. With the Mychoize car subscription service, you get sanitized cars every time you book a car rental service.

  • New car every time

You can change your car if you have opted for a monthly car rental service. This is not the case when you buy a new car.

  • No maintenance cost

Maintenance cost can be a real pain at times. Need not worry in case you have hired a car rental service, as the company will bear all the maintenance cost

  • Discounts on extensions

You can get up to INR 1,000 discount on every monthly extension

Unlimited kilometres

No kilometre capping, you can drive as much as you want without paying anything extra

What are the requirements to rent a long-term car rental service?

Follow the below steps once you login to the web page or open Mychoize

  • Select your pick-up date, car and plan
  • Pay refundable deposit amount
  • Upload documents such as Adhaar card / Driver’s license

You can return the car easily at any nearby mychoize drop point.

Now that you know many of the reasons why long-term car rentals should be a preferred choice for you, what are you waiting for? Check out the latest offers on Mychoize and enjoy the deal.

Happy Driving!