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Your Travel Bucket List Post Pandemic

Travel bucket list

It’s been over a year now when the world was completely shut and succumbed to the COVID-19 pandemic. It was just a year ago when we truly understood the true meaning and importance of self-isolation, wearing masks, washing hands often, and following many other guidelines to keep this deadly virus at bay.

But, the good news is, it’s almost over now. With many countries participating in rolling out new vaccines and making them available to many of us, we somehow have started to begin the talk about post-pandemic life which was impossible a few months back. But as they said, “Every dark cloud has a silver lining”. The world is emerging with positive hope and has started to believe that this time shall pass away and one day everything will be back to normal.

With a new normal of taking small precautions, you can now easily head on the wheels and embrace your adventure of travel. But, where should you head? If this question daunting you then no worry, we have got you covered. In this article we have listed down some of the most sought ought destination that you can plan or add to your travel bucket list post lockdown

Goa – The capital of beaches

Sand, beaches, church and exotic resorts, and nightlife have made Goa a tourist hotspot. Goa will be a perfect escape to relieve you from lockdown stress. The state has recently restricted the travellers hence if you are planning to head your wheels towards Goa make sure you check all the recent mandates announced for travellers. You can check out some of the best beach resorts in Goa and book in advance and soak yourself into nature’s lap.

Leh Ladhak – Find your inner peace

Famous for its radiant mountains and longing valleys and lakes, Leh Ladhak gives a vibrant experience of nature’s different facets. This is the reason why this place is a big hit amongst travellers. Be a road traveller or an adventure lover, a trip to Leh Ladakh will be heaven for you. Make sure you take all necessary precautions if you are planning for a trek and create your best travel memories after lockdown.

Kerala – The God’s Own Country

There’s a reason why it is called God’s own country. The state has pinned its name in the top 10 heavens in the world. Its diverse culture, scenic beauty, and greenery have attracted many tourists to visit. If you are a nature’s lover and want to spend some time in nature’s tranquillity then, this is the place for you. Book your reservations, pack your backpack and head to South.

Uttarakhand – The city of Valley

Known for the poised Himalayas, and mesmerizing landscapes, Uttarakhand, is a treat to your mind and soul. If you are an adventurous traveller or a nature lover, Uttarakhand offers you a variety of activities around the city. Plan your day right from spiritual temples to bungee jumping, from river rafting to trekking or just gaze at the stars at the night camp.

Jammu & Kashmir – Heaven of the earth

The state of Jammu Kashmir offers a wide range of activities for tourists. You can invest time in sightseeing, shikara ride, river rafting and for the people who have high adrenaline rush you can participate in paragliding.

Maharashtra- Challenge your adventure

Monsoon is a season that people around in Maharashtra wait for. Surrounded by the Sahayadri Mountain ranges, the state offers a plethora of trekking destinations for people. Check out the other trek spots near Mumbai that you can plan with your friends and family.

Himachal – Challenge your voyage

How can one ignore the serenity of Himachal and its hill stations? This is one of the most sought after destinations for people who are looking out for some adventure. Rock climbing, river rafting, trekking are just to name a few. The states of Himachal cater an array of activities to its tourists and keep them hooked. Not to mention the beautiful landscape of the Himalayas.

Pondicherry – Explore the French part of India

One of the best destinations for a weekend getaway, Pondicherry has everything across all age groups. The state gives you a diverse experience right from history, to spirituality from beaches to lakes and water sports. You can also take a boat ride to Paradise Beach Island. Hence, this is a must on your bucket list. You can take a road trip to Pondicherry and explore all the scenic beauty on the trip. You can also check for online car subscriptions from Mychoize that offer great deals on a wheel.

Jaisalmer – Explore the Golden City of Rajasthan

Looking out for a long getaway? Then consider the golden city of Rajasthan. You, here will not only enjoy the heritage culture but also, the site of the Great Indian Desert. Experience the camel safari and night campaign, dune bashing and cultural dance. Book your reservation in advance so that you enjoy it to the fullest.

Tamil Nadu- Take a ride to the last road of India

Tamil Nadu offers an array of cultural, natural and mythological attraction amongst tourists. Impacted by Tsunami, the small village of Dhanushkodi still fascinates the tourists with its breathtaking convergence where the clear blue water of the Indian Ocean meets the green and calm Bay of Bengal. Bet, you don’t want to miss this sight.

Happy Travelling!