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How Car Subscription Has Become A New Alternative During The Time Of Pandemic

The Right way to Clean and Sanitize your car

The Right way to Clean and Sanitize your car

“The only constant thing in life is change- Heraclitus”

We all face change every day and the recent pandemic has taught us a lot to set in this new route. Whether be it work from home or avoiding social gathering, be it a night curfew or a complete lockdown. The world has positively adapted many of these changes during this time. With public services like rails and buses have been completely shut, many people have changed their preference for commuting. Recently, a lot of change and progress has been seen in the auto industry where people prefer online car subscription over cabs and taxis.

Many of us cannot afford a private car due to purchase amount and using cabs and taxis is also burning a hole in the pocket due to fuel charges spiking every day. Also, preferring a public mode of transport can increase the chances of getting exposure to COVID-19 virus hence making it more vulnerable to pick and travel.  In this situation, opting out for rental car service is the best option. Nor does the hygiene part be taken care of one can have multiple benefits of having a self-drive car service.

Let’s have a look at the car subscription services that are making it a more preferable alternative amongst people at the time of pandemic.


Hygiene is no doubt one of the major concerns these days while you travel. Nobody will want to enter cabs or taxis that are poorly maintained and moreover used by many people.  The question and concern of sanitisation is obvious as nobody wants to get exposed to this deadly virus.  However, you do not need to worry when you are opting for car subscription service, as you get a well sanitized car at your doorstep. Many of the car services these days carry out a thorough and deep sanitization process before handing you the car.

Budget friendly

Buying a car can be a big financial decision with all down payments and EMI costs. Besides this maintenance and increasing fuel charges can put extra burden on your pocket. With rental car service you can book a car as per your need and select the plan that suits your budget. Most of the car rental companies offer cars at as low as Rs.1200 onwards for limited kilometres and Rs.1500 onwards for unlimited kilometres. You can book a car based on the requirement and extend the term at any point of time.

Wide range of make & models

One of the best things when you opt for online car service is that you get a wide range of make and model options. You can select any subscription plan such as hyundai subscription or maruti subscription to name a few or any other that suits your comfort. All you have to do is visit and explore mychoize deals on various subscriptions plans.

Flexibility in Plan

Car subscription service is very popular in the auto industry due to its flexibility in usage. One can opt for these services for as less as 3 days and can extend it to a period of 3 years.  If you are one amongst the new to this service you can opt for one month plan and can return your car or extend the plan period to the next month.  Company will not charge you any amount if you return the car after the term period.

If you are looking for a car rental services company for your daily ride or long trip visit website of download the MyChoize App. You can choose from the wide range of monthly plans that suit your needs and budget.  We have a range of hatchback, Sedan, SUV, MUV and hybrid cars and serve around 25

vehicle make and around 50+ models from Maruti, TATA, Hyundai and Mahindra across India. The online booking is kept simple and hassle free.   All you need to do is visit and:

  • Select and book a car as per your comfort. Pay a small refundable security deposit amount.
  • Upload Addhar and Driver’s licence for verification
  • Easy drive anywhere once the documents are verified and booked. We deliver the car at your preferred location of home, office, or airport.
  • Return your car at any Mychoize drop point once you enjoy your ride

Few of the benefits of subscribing to Mychoize rental and self-drive car service are as follow:

  • No road tax
  • No long waiting period
  • No loans/ credit appraisal
  • Free service/ maintenance / insurance
  • Exhaustive fleets of car
  • No lock period

During lockdown, car subscription service is not less than a blessing that gives you a freedom to drive whenever and wherever you want with no financial burden.
Keep Driving!