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Latest State Rules For Travelling During COVID

Rules For Travelling During Covid

As we move to the year 2021, the situation across the globe is getting worse. Recently the second wave of COVID-19 has shaken the world with the number of cases increasing day by day. India on the other hand is the second country in the world facing the heat of this second wave with covid cases rising increasingly in several states.  The domestic travel restriction which was recently uplifted seems to be imposed back in certain states in order to curtail the spread of this virus.

In this article we have listed down the states in the country which have imposed their own set of travel protocol and restrictions for travelers. If you are planning leisure or a business trip to these states make sure you follow the guidelines before entering.


The state of Maharashtra is one of the most impacted states in the country where the single day case has seen a spike of 68,631.  The state government has made a mandate COVID Negative certificate for all the travelers.  Travelers arriving from Kerala, Delhi, Goa, Rajasthan and Gujrat have to undergo RT-PCR test before 72 hours prior to entering Maharashtra. Other than this one has to strictly wear a mask to avoid fine. Currently the state has strictly banned all malls and public places and night curfews to avoid public gathering.  You can also observe a complete lockdown over the weekend.


Travelers need not have to obtain COVID Certificate to enter the state of Kerala. For a business related travel; one can stay for a period of 8 days and to prove business travel individuals have to produce a return travel ticket along with an itinerary of travel.  For other related travel state government has imposed a mandate of 7 days quarantine and a RT-PCR test on the 8th day.

Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu has not mandated test certificates for travelers. However, if you are travelling from Maharashtra and Kerala you have to mandatorily undergo 14 days quarantine. Whereas, if you are travelling from other part of the country you have to self- monitor for 14 days and if symptomatic, traveler have to undergo RT-CPR test.


Travelers arriving from Punjab, Chandigarh, Maharashtra, and Kerala must carry the RT-CPR test result and COVID Negative certificate. The RT-CPR test report should not be older than 72 hours. This applies for all travelling from air, rail, and road.


The state of Odisha has made a mandate of COVID Certificate and one week of self-isolation if you are travelling from Maharashtra, Punjab, Kerala, Chhattisgarh, and Madhya Pradesh. Those with negative RT-PCR and vaccination certificates are exempted.


After Maharashtra, Gujrat is the state that has imposed strict restriction for people. If you are travelling to the state make sure you have undergone the RT-PCR test. Strict night curfews are observed in cities like Rajkot, Ahmedabad, Vadodara, and Surat. All the public places, parks and malls will remain closed until next order and the eateries will be shut after 10:00 pm.

Madhya Pradesh

Unlike Maharashtra and Gujarat; Madhya Pradesh is also observing a strict night curfew with all shops shutting post 10:00 pm in Gwalior, Jabalpur, Ujjain, Burhanpur, and Chhindwara. Travelers entering from Maharashtra have to undergo mandatory seven-day quarantine.


The capital of the country has made it a mandate for all the people to observe the guideline for COVID.  Strict action will be taken against an individual flouting the rules. Strict night curfew, and complete shutdown post 10:00 pm is issued. Any social gathering for festivals is restrained.

Above are the lists of states that have already imposed travel restrictions. Besides the states of Goa, Haryana, Bihar, Andhra Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab have not yet imposed the travel protocol. But it is always advisable to plan wisely and travel at this point of time so that you are not stuck anywhere.

One must be extra cautious while travelling at this time of pandemic. And if you are travelling from or entering to a COVID hotspot state then the precaution measure needs to be at par excellence. Hence, you need to make sure that you follow all the guidelines issued by the states. If you are traveling by road then make sure your travel is well planned and all the bookings are in place. Relying on public transport is also a risk at this time. You can always go for rental cars services that provide you well maintained sanitized cars for your travel.

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Happy Travelling!