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New Road Trip Guide After Pandemic In 2021

Road Trip Guide after Pandemic

“Sometimes, the best therapy is a long trip“

Planning a road trip before is always one of the most exciting and fun things. While many of the state governments have already given a green signal to tourism. Once again we all are set to hit the road with their private cars and online car booking. However, there are certain rules and safety precautions that one should keep in mind while planning a road trip after pandemic.

Here are a few tips that will make your first road trip after lockdown memorable and safe.

Understand the state wise protocol

No matter wherever you travel Covid Safety should always be on radar until it’s completely over. With many states lifting up restrictions on mobility and travel you should before planning your road trip keep a checklist ready for the state guide so that you don’t end up paying a fine for it.  You can always rely on government websites for wherever you are heading.

Plan your route

Planning is a foremost thing you must do before a road trip during covid time. Understand whether the destination has any restriction to enter if you are travelling from a COVID-19 hotspot. Do you have to quarantine yourself after entering? You need to map out all these things beforehand before you hit on the road.

RT-PCR test

Reverse Transcription Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-PCR) is a must require test that you should have before 72 hours of travelling/ entering your destination. Since the start of pandemic this test has become a standard rule to inspect the spread of virus amongst the travelers.

Currently, if you are planning to travel Maharashtra, Kerala, Delhi NCR, Gujrat, and Rajasthan you should have a negative RT-PCR test or a negative COVID -19 Certificate.

Carry extra disinfectant

We all know how important disinfectants are during this time. Carrying extra disinfectants can be helpful during long road trips. You never know if the destinations you are heading have a proper medical or supermarkets to buy one. Also, there are chances that you may get one but end up paying an extra amount for it.

Pack extra food and water

There may be a possibility that you may end up on your trip for extra two days. In that case you should always be prepared with extra water and lite food to make your tummy and you both happy. Rather than buying water bottles per day, invest your money in large water bottles/ jerry cans so that you save that extra money to stock up food during your trip. Also, with the new lockdown rules restaurants and hotels can only serve till 8:00 pm. Packing hack can save you a lot of time for your long road trip.

Prepare your car for long trips

Many of the private car owners must not be using their cars regularly since the lockdown in this case using the same car for a long trip can be a bit risky. You never know when your car can turn your pleasant road trip fun into a nightmare. Make sure you visit your local car garage before taking a long ride. You can also go for rental car service for your road trip. Online car booking comes with a lot of advantages. Few of them are as below:

  • Range of well-maintained and sanitized fleet.
  • Great price starting as low as Rs. 129/day.
  • Unlimited Kilometer
  • Easy transfer from one state to another
  • Easy car subscription service
  • Quick and easy online car booking
  • Anywhere delivery

You can download MyChoize App to check the deals and book your car for your upcoming road trip offering range from hatchback, Sedan, MUV, SUV to hybrid cars they offer vehicles from 25 vehicle make and 50+ models across various cities.

Other things to pack

Handy things such as extra roll of toilet papers, tissue paper, hand gloves, car spray, extra masks in case you lose one, torch, first aid kit, compass, extra cash in case there’s no ATM nearby and shops without UPI and other wallet facilities, offline map, compass.

Above all the tips being aware and cautious is the most important thing during this time. Make sure you are alert and take care of all the WHO guidelines for precautions while visiting a new place, avoid direct contact with anything such as doors, chairs, tables etc. while taking a halt and most importantly, avoid crowded places and always wear a mask.

Happy Journey!