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9 Important Car Rental Tips

Planning to hit the road with your wandering buddies? Then you have taken a right turn for your destination.  We all know how road trips are the best journeys with all scenic views and freedom to take a halt to capture travel memories.  As you have made your mind now we bet self-drive car rental service is the best option you can go for. We totally understand the thrill and nervousness of driving a car that is not yours. But, don’t worry about this, to make your trip stress free and easy we have gathered a list of tips that every wanderer must know before booking a car online.

So, sit back and buckle up your seat belts as you are on your way to rent a car for your next trip without any blur thought.

Estimate the difference between different car services

Comparison is the most important thing that you must do when you are planning for a car rental service.  Different companies offer different services and charges according to it. We are sure that you don’t want to end up paying extra for fewer services.  Hence, doing a little research before heading out is a must.

Select your car type carefully

Selection of a car type is most important especially if you are travelling for a long distance. For instance: if you are travelling with your group then a SUV is a right option whereas a good cosy car is a right option if you are traveling solo.  Besides these you must also consider the car that fits your pocket and is environment friendly.

Prefer unlimited mileage

Many car companies offer limited and unlimited mileage plans when you rent a car. For a limited mileage plan, the company keeps a track of mileage number when you are travelling. This is often preferred when you are planning for a shorter distance.  What if you extend your plan and travel further? You may end up regretting and paying extra money. Hence, always go for the company offering unlimited mileage.

Make early reservation

This may sound a little off to you. But you would not like to end up with a last minute hush rush for online car booking.  This often happens at the time of peak season where most of the cars are already booked. Hence, it is advisable to book your car service at least a week in advance.

Backup with emergency kit

Car rides and long trips are full of enthusiasm. Nobody wants to face those mechanical hiccups that often switch off the fun mode. That’s why always keep an emergency kit ready with you. Though, many car service companies provide the tool kit with cars. But you should always keep your back up ready.

Always fill up the fuel before returning

Always make sure that you fill up the tank before you return the car to the company. Many companies can object to returning an empty tank car and may charge a penalty for that.
You can fill up your tank before your drop location as there may be a cost difference in price.

Follow state wise traffic and COVID guidelines

Make sure you are aware of the different state wise traffic guidelines. Keep all your documents handy so that you can submit it as and when required. Also, keep in mind the COVID guidelines if you are travelling and planning to enter and  stay in different states which have recently imposed restrictions for all travellers.  Check out here the latest state rules for  travelling during  COVID[SM1]

Unpack properly while returning

You will never prefer a car that is full of mess with someone else’s stuff. So, make sure you give 10-15 minutes to take off your travel bags and clean up all your mess from the car before you return it to the car rental company.

Know how to return

Be aware of the drop off  time and location of your vehicle while returning from the journey.  As many of the other folk’s start their journey once you return your car back to the company. Hence there may be a possibility that the company may charge you for late drop –off.  So, keep it in mind when, how, and where you have to return your car.
So, these were a few tips that you should consider while planning to rent a car. You can also look for Mychoize car rental service for your upcoming trips. We offer a wide array of plans for all types of wandering minds. No matter if you are planning for a short, daily or a long getaway road trip.
You can simply log on to or download the MyChoize app.  Search and select a car that suits your requirement. Submit the mandatory documents and a small amount of refundable security deposit. The car will be at your preferred location. And yes, we have an easy return policy across different states.
So, get ready with your camera to capture those cherishing moments of your journey.
Happy Driving!