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How to Travel Light in Style This Winter

No matter the season, youngsters these days do not want to compromise on their style statement. When you are at home, it is easy to pick and wear anything you want, but it is equally challenging to feel content with your looks when you are traveling. Packing light is the only way to go these days, but it gives a challenge to keep the fashion quotient up at all times. Packing is anyhow a trial for most people. Over-pack and you will have to drag your suitcase everywhere and have yourself tired and frustrated. Under-pack your luggage, and you will have to buy things in a new city and high prices.  While traveling this winter, be a minimalist and pack smart to enjoy the freedom of choice as well as mobility; it will also save you the additional baggage fees at the airport.

Choice of baggage

The kind of luggage you choose significantly impacts your style of travel. If you plan to travel by air, you must check the rules and restrictions of your airlines concerning the same. The backpacks and rucksacks are light in weight, and they force you to carry less stuff than you think you should ,that’s why you should use some packing or suitcase hacks. You have to coerce your mind to think about alternatives and substitutes of clothing and cosmetics while stuffing things in a backpack. A suitcase or a wheeled trolley, on the other hand, weighs a lot and you feel relaxed to stuff as many things as you want. However, do not forget that you have to drag the trolley everywhere you go, which is a pain even if you go by car.go by car, While you’re planning your road trip, hire a car from MyChoize to make the journey as comfortable as possible. You may use the self-drive car rental service for as long as you like at low rates.

Packing the clothes

Packing during summer is easy, but it is an enormous pain during winters. Even a few clothes take up the entire baggage. While traveling to cold climates, pack a few full-sleeve garments, sweaters, and jackets so that you can dress up in layers. Take wrinkle-free, dark clothes that can dry quickly. You can swap the layers to come out in style every day. Do not forget to pack thermal clothing for legs if you are going to be outdoors.

Shoes and boots

Since winter boots are bulky, it is better to wear them rather than packing. For wearing footwear during the sunny days and warm nights, you can pack a couple of slippers, flip-flops, and lightweight shoes. Go for dark colored shoes so that they do not get dirty from slush.

Wear the heavy clothing

If the weather in your city is not too hot, try to wear the heaviest clothing and shoes from your packed things. From the clothes you have packed, take out a few of them to wear instead of taking out a new pair from the closet. It will reduce the load in your bag. Moreover, wearing a coat not only saves you the extra space, but it also serves as a blanket and a pillow in the car or the flight.

Cosmetics and accessories

Just a few accessories and mufflers can go a long way in giving you a stylish look. Take belt, artificial jewelry, polarized sunglasses, etc. in your bag to make a statement. However, do not carry expensive jewels and sunglasses because you may not be able to take care of your valuables while traveling. Concerning cosmetics, do not bring the big bottles of them.

Body lotion and lip balms

In unusually chilly weather, you ought to take care of your skin. Although you have to carry sunscreen, body lotion, and lip balm; bring small bottles of them. Even if your skin is not too dry, buy creams meant for dry skin because regular moisturizers dry out too quickly in cold weather. You can also pack petroleum jelly and lip balm for extra protection.

While putting all these essential items in your bag, you may feel tempted to stuff more clothes, but do not give in to the lures. Although winter clothes do not need washing, you can still keep small sachets of detergent to wash and re-use your clothes. Refrain from bringing too many gadgets, except your phone, charger, and power bank. Nevertheless, even if you forget adding something, you can always buy them.