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8 Simple Packing Hacks And Tips Every Travelers Must Know

Bag Packing Hacks

Packing is one of the important and tricky things when you head out for a trip. Be a regular traveller or a first timer your mind is always within what to pack, how much to pack and do I really need this stuff?  Forget one thing and you’ll be left disappointed for the rest of your journey finding it from the nearest store. And if you pack too much this will lead to a disorganised and a messy travel.

Below are some of those hacks that will make you a packing expert.

Make a list

A well prepared list of items is the first and the foremost thing that you need when you are travelling. Add the entire possible item that you can need during your journey. Depending on your travel days and stay days. Once you are done with listing down these items, figure out which one is unnecessary and strike out to keep only essential and important items. Make sure you prepare your list well in advance so that you have time to purchase any of the list items that you don’t have . Also, having one will help you to keep a track of your entire item when you check out from one place to another.

Just roll and don’t fold

Yes, you heard it right. We’ve been doing this wrong for a long time. Many travellers and backpackers these days prefer to roll their clothes rather than folding. It helps to maximise the space in bags/ suitcase. Also, rolled clothes are less prone to wrinkles and unnecessary crushes unlike the folded clothes.

Go for travel cubes

If you are someone who is more of ‘How to pack’ and not ‘What to pack’, then travel cubes are one meant for you. It comes in different sizes so that you can store all your things at one place. This will make your travel easy and organised one.

Use convertible travel clothes

Convertible clothes or multipurpose cloths are the best hack to save that extra space in your suitcase and make your bag lighter. Multipurpose garments can be used in several ways hence saves you from packing extra two, three or more outfits for your trip.

Travelling toiletries

This item is most essential especially if you are travelling at this time of pandemic. So, grab one travel cube and add those extra tissues, shampoo and toilet paper. Also, don’t forget to carry sanitizers with you as you never know if you will get it around your stay location and even if you get it, you may end up paying extra for it.

Offline Map

One cannot always rely on the internet connection while travelling. There may be a possibility that you may end up taking a wrong turn and start your journey back. Having a map handy with you at such times can be a great deal. Hence, always remember to carry a map with you while packing your backpack.

Suitcase & backpack are the options

This hack will surely make your life easy. Suitcase will store all your clothes, shoes and all other non –essential items that are not required while travelling. Whereas a backpack will have all your essential and necessary travelling related stuff such as documents, driver’s license COVID certificate / RT-PCR test report. Recently many states have made a mandate to produce it while entering check out here, camera, wallets and other emergency items. So, make sure you organize all your items accordingly.

Don’t forget power bank

Finding a charging point can be difficult while traveling. And if you get one, you have to wait until your phone is charged. Hence, make sure you carry a good brand power bank with you so that you can enjoy endless music and entertainment throughout your journey.

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